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Are Resistance Bands Better than Dumbbells? Here Are Some Benefits of Them You Should Know About!

When you are working out, you need to find something that gives maximum bang for your buck. Also, workouts that need minimal equipment and something you can store away without occupying much space are the best kinds of workout gear. It also should be something you can carry on your trips. Imagine traveling around with heavy equipment, in airplanes or trains. It is not what you can call a very practical option, right?

Here is where you can try resistance bands. That’s right, a lighter, cheaper, and portable form of workout gear than the more conventional dumbbells. It is a great form of equipment that you can carry and complete your workouts in tiny spaces, say hotel rooms. However, once you choose workout gears, you may sometimes think that it may not be as effective as dumbbells when trying to gain strength and build muscles. Well, we will tell you the exact reasons why in some cases, it can be your best bet to attain a great workout.


It Adds Flexibility to Your Workout Regime

Let’s have it straight, resistance bands are an amazing way to add punch to your workouts, and also, they are very practical. When you are bored of the same old type of resistance training, this could turn out to be the perfect solution. You may think that the harmless-looking stretchy bands cannot offer a good resistance or power to your workouts. You cannot be further from the truth.

When you pull the resistance bands in a certain direction, you may be able to pull them in the opposite direction. The difference between bicep curls with dumbbells and resistance bands is that when you stretch it from the ground, the direction will be downwards. If you attach them to a higher surface and use it for chest flies, the same direction should be backward. You can manipulate the direction with various resistance bands, making it very versatile for using different training methods with just one piece of equipment.

It is Easy to Control

When it comes to resistance bands, we know one thing for sure that resistance bands are very easy to control. When we speak of control, we focus on resistance strength, which can lead to various motions.
For beginners, it can give the user to find the optimum resistance strength. This can help the user keep the injuries at bay if they go too heavy too fast.

Those who are advanced-level trainees can train better with resistance training as they can control the movements better when their muscles are stretched to exhaustion or work their way through the full range of motion. So, apart from using your free weights, you can add the last few reps with resistance bands and improve the range of motion.

No Chance of Cheating

Another reason why resistance bands score overweights is that many people tend to cheat while using free weights for strength training. And that is because the direction of resistance is downwards.

Due to the direction of resistance always being downwards for free weights (following the laws of gravity). It keeps them in motion to keep in motion unless the user stops the movement. The momentum helps them to pick up the weight, and they become harder to control.

Say if you are an avid gym-goer, and you are performing bicep curls with a dumbbell. Some people start cheating on the movement to lift heavier or better. So, you do not engage the muscles that you need to and won’t get the bicep definition you are trying so hard to work upon. In the case of resistance bands, you cannot use momentum. Hence you are effectively working the very muscles you set out to train.

 Keeps Your Muscles Steady and Fewer Chances of Injury

While both weights and resistance bands are great to incorporate for rehabilitation purposes, resistance bands trump overweights because they are much safer. There are minimum chances of injury and pain. It also helps users to increase resistance with better control than using the free weights.

So, there you go, resistance bands are one of the best ways to work your muscles safely and effectively. And with that, there are fewer chances of missing your workouts. There is no excuse for leaving your workout gear behind since they are so portable you can even sneak in a workout at your office! They are also easily available online, so start working them out right now!

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