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Richard Simmons’ Fitness Tips That are Still Gold

Richard Simmons has chosen to stay away from the spotlight, but it’s only for the time being. Many were speculating if he went missing, but that was not the case. Taking a few days off is absolutely fine for a man who has worked so hard for the last thirty years helping people lose their body weight. Not only weight loss, but Simmons has also shown people how to keep weight gain at bay permanently. His exercise videos, diet books, and interviews for television and magazines have been a great asset for everyone who has had a tough time with those extra pounds. Fitness tips from someone who lost over 100 excess pounds of his body weight as a teenager are worth following.

Workout is the First Thing You Should Do in the Morning

According to Simmons, a personal workout should be the first thing one should focus on in the morning. As for him, the fitness expert makes it a point to wake up at 4 A.M., say his prayers, and start his morning workout right after that. When everyone is still asleep, Simmons gets to his exercise because that gives him the power and energy to stay charged up throughout the day. He follows his routine very diligently because he knows that if he isn’t able to take care of himself, he wouldn’t be able to help others. Feeling good about himself is his first and foremost priority.

Find Appropriate Music for Your Workout

Simmons had always had a fantastic taste in music. His workout videos bear testimony to it. Getting into the right mood before a workout session is pretty essential. Incorporating various types of fun music and creating a mix of them can serve the purpose, of motivating you in your mission to burn calories. Moreover, if you compile all your favorite songs and blast them out loud, you will get the energy to kickstart your workouts for the day. The music will automatically put you in the groove just as Simmons has always maintained his rhythm.

Bribery Won’t Help You

Simmons reveals that bribery didn’t help him in losing weight when he was a child, nor does it work as an adult. You will find people who often try to convince themselves that if they lose certain pounds, they will be pampering themselves with some good food, a good vacation, or even buying a new four-wheeler. They consider all these as motivators, but Simmons says otherwise. He says that such strategies of bribing don’t help in the long run. You must realize that you are working hard just for yourself. It’s your body weight that you want to lose. You are not doing anyone a favor, nor are you doing it to get a reward. Your health and fitness should be the best reward.

Choose a Calorie Goal for Each Day

Simmons says that sticking to basics is the key to weight loss. He advises people to watch the number of calories they intake. Those who have a weight loss objective should set a calorie goal every day and stick to it. Simmons makes sure that he doesn’t exceed the range of 1500 to 1600 calories per day.

Tempting Foods Should Never be Allowed Inside the House

As goes the famous saying – out of sight, out of mind. If you keep tempting foods out of the house, they will stay out of your mouth as well. This is the mantra that Simmons wants everyone to abide by. Keeping trigger foods out of your sight will prevent you from gorging them and developing an unhealthy shape. For instance, potato chips, candy bars, peanut butter are some foods you should definitely stay away from.

Don’t Stop Despite Your Mistakes

Simmons strongly believes that if you are going on a weight-loss journey, you mustn’t get derailed. Having past baggage is quite normal, but accepting challenges in the present is a must if you want to move forward. Plan out the future, but it’s the present moment that you should be worried about.

Stop dieting. That will do you no good. Simmons advises people to change their lifestyle choices. He has voiced his opinion against dieting many times. You can read his views in Never-Say-Diet, a work he authored and published in 1981.

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