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How Could You Split Your Week Into Cardio Workouts and Strength Workouts To Get The Best of Both

Fitness enthusiasts are always divided as to which exercise to do? Strength training or Cardio Workouts? The answer to this question is that both exercises offer countless benefits, so it is important to include both. The trick is to do both forms of exercise optimally and not overdo it. In the pursuit of getting a ripped body, you cannot do strength training all seven days of the week. Similarly, if you are looking for weight loss, you cannot do cardio workouts all seven days of the week, so combine both for optimal results.

We know as we age, retaining muscles is important to stave off sarcopenia and strengthen our core. This also helps maintain your total skeletal structure, and that’s why we need to do strength training. On the other hand, Cardio fitness works your heart muscles, and hence you cannot ignore them either. They can lower your cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels too.

Cardio Vs. Weight Training

The most sensible solution is to combine weight training and cardio workouts. If you do cardio before weight training, you may tire yourself too much and not give your 100% to your weight training sessions. If you perform weight training before cardio them, your muscles may feel too exhausted to withstand aerobic exercise.

When you want to combine both cardio and weight training, perform the exercise that holds a higher priority goal. This will ensure that you have enough energy to complete your primary workout. For instance, if your chief goal is to gain muscles, try to include a weight training session before the cardio routine. On the other hand, if you are trying to improve your heart health, get your cardio fixed first. Some gyms offer a workout circuit, including both. This can be one of the most effective ways to lose fat.

The Days Reserved for Strength Training

To get the most out of weight training, try to include it three days a week. During weight training, your muscles experience small tears that need ample time to recover. A good strength training session can have you very sore. While it is normal to have normal tears, it is important to get in a day of recovery so that your muscles get back to their optimal health after a day or two of rest.

Also, it is important to get a day’s rest in between to ensure your muscles recover fast. If you continue to work your muscles without giving them rest, your muscles will deteriorate further and stop growing. So, between those days of rest, you can sneak in a cardio workout.

The Ideal Days to Do Cardio Exercise

Aim to do at least three days of cardio workouts. Cardio workouts are simple to include. You can either take a brisk walk or go for a run or ride on your bicycle. Cardio exercises such as running, sprinting, skipping rope amp up your heart rate as your body requires more oxygen to keep going. This can also burn calories faster to fuel your workout. Moreover, if you perform cardio at a low intensity, you can stretch it for a longer period.

You can get a good afterburn if you choose to perform both cycling and running. Also, when you do strength training, it is important to split up different parts of your body and train them on alternate days, so if you are training your legs on Monday, do your cardio on Tuesdays and chest on Wednesday. This way, it will aid in greater muscle recovery, and a cardio day in between will also help you get your heart rate up. Like all exercises, it is important not to overdo your cardio workouts.

During high-impact aerobics, your breathing may get shallow difficult, and you won’t be able to converse properly. However, you can aim to hit these challenging peaks while you target your heart rate training. For normal cardio routines, like a walk, you will breathe comfortably and have smaller conversations.

So, the best way to lose weight is to include both in your fitness routine. Not only does it offer variety, but it also beats the boredom of doing the same thing over and over again! And thus, it gives you the motivation to keep going with your fitness journey!

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