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Urban Legends About Health And Safety That Caused Harm

Ridiculous Urban Myths Exist Everywhere

Urban myths and legends are often laughed at as stupid and ridiculous. Many of us wonder how people can even be led to believe the legends of health and safety even as more people continue to fall for it. Many people are unaware they should not be believing these urban legends because they have just been spread around to lead people into believing they can treat themselves when they should really be talking to a medical professional. For some reason, people are not willing to conduct research about the information they are given, especially when matters of health and safety are concerned.

People are advised always to conduct some research of the information they are given regarding matters like health and safety. They should also be informing the results of their research to others when they come across information which they feel is falsified. The reasons for this action is because they could possibly prevent the endangering the health and safety of their friends or family members.

What Are The Legends About Health and Safety That Are Causing Harm?

Seat Belts Cost Lives Rather Than Save

Seat Belts Save Lives – Not Take Them

This is just an urban legend that does not deserve any attention. Many people will speak about how they heard a member of the law enforcement agency claim that seatbelts are costing more lives rather than saving. The theory they promote sounds even more surprising. They often claim the seat belt could trap the passangers of the car in the event of a fire or something similar, leaving the individual no option to get out of the vehicle.

This is in sharp contrast to the view held by law enforcement agencies that deal with plenty of accidents and have pointed out they have only come across rare situations when a seat belt has made it difficult for an individual to get out of the car. They have also made comments that a dead man has never been unbuckled from a car.

To simplify the matter further it must be mentioned that occasionally one may come across someone dying despite having a seat belt buckled but on most occasions, seat belts greatly decrease the chances of fatalities. Unfortunately, many people believe in this urban legend and are often killed just because they tried to ensure they don’t get trapped in their car.

Cure A Hangover By Having More Alcohol

Having More Alcohol Will Not Flush out Toxins From the Body

There is a belief among many people that a hangover can be cured by having more alcohol in the morning. People with a hangover believe they can speed up the recovery process by having some more drinks when they wake up the next morning. The theory is quite popular and has also encouraged some manufacturers to produce drinks which are designed for this purpose.

However, no evidence is available to prove that having more alcohol will ease the symptoms of the hangover. The only reason people begin to feel better after having another drink is that their senses become dull but it is not doing anything to improve their condition. The hangover will go away only after the body has processed the toxins to make the individual feel better. Using more alcohol in the morning only means the individual is adding more toxins to the body, making it difficult for him or her to recover faster.

Chewing Gum Will Stay In Your Gut For Seven Years If Swallowed

Chewing Gum Is Excreted From the Body Just As Any Other Food Product

This may sound like a good story to keep children away from chewing gum and the best way to scare them would be to give them information that the gum chewed would remain in their stomach for seven years or even longer. This has led to a number of instances where gum has been found stuck under tables, chairs and even walls and corners. This legend may well scare children but it is absolutely untrue that chewing gum can cause any harm if it remains in the stomach even when it is swallowed. The human body will excrete gum just as any other food product and the case is similar with children. This is again an urban legend which is causing plenty of harm because many people are often using the filthy gum which has been stuck on various surfaces and we could be inviting unpleasant infections.

The urban legends which have been mentioned are prominent throughout the US and the world. One can understand people from uneducated backgrounds believing in such theories but making similar observations should be fought correctly. Things would be drastically better if people decided to find out for themselves whether the information promoted by the urban legends are true or simply stories that should be ignored!

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