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Wondering How To Split Your Training? Here Are A Couple of Ideas To Get You Thinking

If you’ve asked around the gym about everyone’s training style, it wouldn’t be a surprise if most followed the chest day, back day, shoulder day, arm day, and leg day style. This is a style that has worked perfectly for many athletes over time, and it certainly can give you excellent gains. The only problem with it is that it can grow boring rather quickly, and if you’ve gotten into it and you’re looking for something different, we don’t blame you. Here are a couple of other ways to split up your training over the week – you’re guaranteed to find something you like!


This training split has your weight training split up over three days. The push day is all about pushing exercising, true to the name. Push exercises will have your chest, shoulders, and triceps under strain o this day. Pull day, on the other hand, works on your back, traps, lats, and biceps. On the last day of your training, you work on all your lower body muscles.

Doing lunges, squats, and a variety of other lower body exercises would be ideal. This type of split is excellent for people who want to train but also find it challenging to find the time as you’re only preparing for three days out of the week. Fewer days in the gym but still hitting all muscle groups? Yes, please! You can be sure to see fabulous results with this.


This split works best for people who want to train their muscles twice a week instead of once. The old-school split is excellent, but many lifters aren’t so keen on tearing up their muscle in one day and then doing it again only seven days later. This split lets your muscles see the breakdown and growth twice in a single week, and the great thing is that you can have a different workout for the first time and another set of exercises for the second time. This means it’s open-ended and keeps it interesting for those who lose interest quickly.

Back and Triceps; Quads, Chest and Biceps; Hamstrings, Shoulders, and Arms

This split allows for your muscles to be fresh each time you hit them so that you can maximize on training them every workout. This is great for someone who wants to place a lot of intensity and effort into a muscle during an exercise, and it also stimulated triceps and biceps twice weekly, which is excellent. It also helps that the leg days are split by muscle group.

Total Body Split

This training split is one that is very effective for people who have just started strength training. When you first begin, training your muscles several times a week to practice your form and for your muscles to grow accustomed to frequent stimulation is an excellent way to go. It’s also less strenuous since a full keg training day will probably have beginners limping around for a couple of days afterward.

Power and Hypertrophy Split

This training split is for the most advanced of weight trainers since it is centered around both building strength and increasing size. This training style has two sessions of upper and lower body training days, that happen in powerlifting style, which is massive sets and short reps.

Big compound movements and long rest periods describe this session, as well as explosive Olympic exercises like a power clean. The next two sessions are done in a bodybuilding style, which is about longer reps and more isolation movements with shorter rest periods. This is a tough split to recover from if you are new to strength training, which is why it is best left to those who are advanced trainers or who have been training for a long time.

Don’t let your training have you on autopilot. It will be far less effective if you lack interest in the exercises you are performing. If you do something you enjoy instead, you’ll be injecting more life and energy into your work out, translating into results! So juggle around and add some variety to your week! There’s nothing wrong with changing things up, so long as what you change to will be helping you achieve your goals. Pick the splits that fit your lifestyle and schedule and train hard!

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