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The Amazing Health Benefits Of Music

Music has become an integral part of human civilization and continues to remain an important aspect of every culture on this planet. Lives of many people would be empty without the melodies of music which have gained a prominent role for over 55,000 years. If you consider music to be just a source of melodious sounds you will perhaps reconsider your thoughts when you hear the amazing health benefits of music.

Until this moment, music has been considered as a form of entertainment with no thought being given to anyone to how music also has the capability to deliver some amazing health benefits. The benefits which are being spoken about are not the descriptions of a layman but are backed by research which confirms music can have an amazing impact on your mind and body at the same time. Would you like to understand what the amazing health benefits of music are?

Music Is a Great Stress Reliever

Ever Tried Music When You’re Stressed out

Have you ever listened to some music when you were feeling stressed out? You will be surprised to understand that music is a great stress reliever. Any individual reading this discussion will certainly confirm he or she felt better after listening to some music, especially when they were stressed out. How can music affect the stress level?

People are stressed because their body is releasing the hormone cortisol in high levels. High levels of cortisol are harmful to the body and can cause numerous problems with memory and concentration and also lead to weight gain. It also has a linkage to depression, heart diseases and other conditions which are believed to be a result of high cortisol levels. Music can decrease the feeling of stress within the body because it affects the stress by lowering the cortisol levels. On your part, you are just required to follow your natural behavior and pick music that you love and that suits your mood.

The Amazing Health Benefits Of Music On Depression

Listening to And/or Playing Music Is Helpful For Patients Suffering from Depression

Music can have a tremendous impact on people who are suffering from depression. Music has been found helpful for the treatment of depression by having patients indulge in playing musical instruments, singing or just listening to music of their choice.

Research was conducted at the Queens University in Belfast when a group of 128 youths that were receiving treatment for developmental, behavioral and emotional problems participated in the research. 50% of the participants received the regular treatments while the other half had music therapy included. The results surprised the researchers because the participants that were given music therapy displayed an improvement in their self-esteem by a large margin, while also gaining control over their depression. People over the age of 65 can also find music helpful if they are dealing with anxiety and depression. The elderly do not have to visit a physician for the advice they need but can simply use some music which they like, confident in the knowledge they will soon begin to feel better.

Music Is Helpful With Diet and Exercise

Music Can Encourage You To Keep Moving When Exercising

If you are trying to lose weight, the best method you would be advised would be to keep your calorie levels down, but getting yourself motivated for exercising will become easier if you decide to listen to some music which can help you. Music can also help you to control your diet and affect your eating habits. The kind of music you are listening to when eating does play a role on whether you enjoy the food or not. If you want to control your calorie intake without losing out on any of the enjoyment, you should simply be playing some soft music when you are eating. You will find ourselves eating less food while enjoying the dishes, simply because the music would have relaxed your body.

The benefits of music on dieting have already been mentioned but it is also essential for you to understand music is extremely helpful when you are exercising. Music can help you to ignore fatigue while increasing endurance and improving mood. It can also help with the efficiency of your metabolism. You, however, need to pick the music of your choice for the chore of exercising. You must have music that will encourage you to keep moving rather than relax in the park.

Music Is Helpful To Stroke Victims

Stroke Victims Recover Faster Listening To Music

The University of Helsinki conducted research on patients who had suffered from strokes and were in the process of recovery. Patients were assigned music or audiobooks which they were required to listen to for a few hours every day. The results were again surprising for the researchers because the recovery was faster among the patients that had been provided with music as compared to the others who were given audiobooks. An improvement was also noticed in the verbal memory of the patients. 60% of the patients who received music, improved after three months, while the corresponding figure among the patients that were given audiobooks was only 19%. This gave the researchers enough evidence to claim that music was incredibly beneficial for providing help for the repair of the brain.

These are just a few of the amazing health benefits of music that can be utilized by people who could be suffering from any of the conditions mentioned. However, you are also required to understand that the amazing health benefits of music have been proven as beneficial for children, vascular health and even to reduce pain. Most importantly, it can also improve the human immune system. This practically means that if you want to improve your immune system you just need to get hold of the music you like and begin enjoying it.

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