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Here Are The Biggest Concentration Killers In Life

It is possible for a person may be living with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) or just having trouble focusing on the work he or she has. However, in the world we presently live in, there are many concentration killers and most of them always take place on social media. Psychologists have offered a few tips to maintain your concentration, especially after considering the distractions that social media can bring into our lives. A single status update is significant to draw your concentration away, making it difficult for you to focus back on your work.

“Normally, we do not so much look at things as overlook them.”
Alan W. Watts

What Are The Biggest Concentration Killers in Life?

Social Media

When you begin work, always avoid logging into your social media accounts. If for any reason you are compelled to check updates regularly, do so during your breaks when your concentration cannot be interrupted by the steady stream of updates. If you cannot resist from logging in frequently, work from a place where Internet access is limited.

Email Overload

Emails have a nasty habit of demanding answers right away. You may be receiving several emails that are work-related, but they are still distractions on your mind. You will not make much progress during the day if you regularly stop your ongoing projects to respond to emails.

Rather than checking emails regularly, you set specific times aside for this job. You can shut down your email program during the rest of the day because it allows you the time you need to work without interruptions.

Your Cell Phone

One of the biggest concentration killers of life is your cell phone as it can begin ringing at any time. It has a sound many of us find difficult to ignore. Answering the call may seem like a few minutes of talking, but it can take your mind off the job you are presently handling.

Fixing interruptions from your cell phone is not difficult because you can put the caller ID to good use. The call can be directed to voicemail if it is not urgent. You can also use the silent option of the cell phone to ensure you are not interrupted when working.  You can set aside a specific time to listen to your messages because that would be less disruptive than answering every call that comes in.


If you are adept at multitasking, you probably get the feeling that you can get more done within a short time. However, this is not always the case because you definitely lose some time as you shift your attention from one task to another. Trying to complete three tasks simultaneously will eventually take more time than doing them one after the other. Although fixing this problem looks difficult, is quite easy because you only need to devote your attention to one task at a time. This is particularly the case if you are working on a high priority task. You should save your multitasking skills for jobs that are less important because your concentration will not be affected if you begin cleaning your desk even as you are having a conversation on the phone.


Some of the tasks we are involved in everyday interest us better than the others. Some tasks are boring and can burn through our attention within minutes, making us extremely vulnerable to distractions. The phone, the Internet, and other distractions will begin to beckon when you are bored.

If you want to fix the problem boredom, begin rewarding yourself during your breaks by having a cup coffee or going on a short walk. Boring tasks are easy to accomplish when you are looking forward to something. Your breaks will seem like an accomplishment for the boring times you have spent in the office.

Nagging Thoughts

It will be difficult to keep your mind on the job if you are concerned about running errands or need to complete some housework. Any nagging thought can be a distraction. One of the best ways to keep such thoughts away from your mind is to write them down so as to recollect them later and have them completed. This also applies to any unpleasant confrontations you may have had during the day or even the previous day. Once you have made the notes, you will be able to forget them for a while.

“The power to concentrate was the most important thing. Living without this power would be like opening one’s eyes without seeing anything.”  ― Haruki Murakami

Some of the biggest concentration killers in life will continue to haunt you every day. The best way to overcome this them is to follow the tips above.

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