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Five Excellent Strategies For Fighting Depression

Everyone feels sad or lack motivation from time to time, it is normal and inevitable. However, feeling depressed is a different story. When mild sadness becomes an ongoing state of low mood and makes you avoid every-day activities, you need to start paying more attention to your well-being to avoid deteriorating into depression. It is important to note that depression can be a temporary state of mind but when it extends beyond a certain time frame, that feeling might be an indication of a mood disorder that requires professional help. Some activities are shown to be helpful when dealing with depression and can reduce its grip on the mind. In some cases, there isn’t even a need for these antidepressants. Women are more prone to be prescribed these pills, and Since the 90s, the percentage of white women using antidepressants has increased by a staggering 400%. While prescribed medication is the best answer in some cases, many people wish to avoid it when dealing with depression, if possible. Either way, the following strategies can help anyone who is currently fighting to break free from depression’s grip.

Take A Pretty Long Walk

People always underestimate the power of exercise when it comes to mental health. However, most professionals prescribe that their patients engage in a rigorous workout regimen to clear their head – often recommending a long brisk walk. When you walk purposefully, your mind sifts through all your thoughts and allows the trivialities to fall off. You are only left with what matters most which allows you to be in sync with nature and its soothing properties: It is one of the best activities you can do for yourself. When you get to this point,  you will have a clearer insight into your problems and how to lessen their intensity.  Taking time to go outside and move your body is beneficial for your mental health even if you don’t do it regularly or for long periods of time, but when dealing with depression in it recommended to walk for at least 30 minutes every day.

Eat Well

When depression sets in, there is a significant loss in the desire to eat. You just want to sit with your thoughts as they consume you. On the other hand, some folks tend to find solace in overeating. Your energy and sometimes your mood is often influenced by your choice of food so it is important to pay attention to what you eat. Consuming fresh vegetables and fruits is always advisable, and becomes even more crucial when dealing with depression. Stick with healthy meals, and try to avoid processed and industrial food. Include some easy protein such as cheese or tofu if you are not in the mood to cook.

Express Yourself

Depression is accompanied by a reluctance to socialize. The best way to fight this is to find someone you feel comfortable with talking to. Chose someone you trust, a person that cares about you and will be able to listen to you without judgment. With that person, you are likely to feel engaged and free to converse and you may also feel elevated for this human connection. Trying your hand with creative activities such as painting, drawing, composing, dancing or anything that ignites pleasure will be of great benefit to your mood. By expressing yourself this way, you are venting your negative emotions and helping your mind let go of them.

Focus on Positive Things

When you are depressed, nothing seems to make sense. Even those things you once considered as bringing you the most happiness, start to lose their luster. When this happens, it is helpful to try and notice the positive things around you and in your life, and dwell on them. If you have a hard time finding positives in happenings around you, think about your own strengths and about your gifts – things you are good at. Focus on them long enough and other positive thoughts will surely begin to flow. Keep in mind that patience is necessary because depression can only be drowned in the sea of time.

Know What Causes Your Depression But Don’t Waste Time Dwelling on It

This last strategy is really important. Most definitely, a string of bad events can weigh someone down to the point of becoming depressed. If you cannot identify the reason for your depression the battle against it might be hard to fight. You can make a list of the causes of your ‘feeling blue’ and share them with a loved one.  Once you know what you are facing, you can start finding ways to change the aspects that are in your control and learn to accept what you cannot change.

Battling with depression takes courage, endurance and a lot of patience. It’s OK to feel overwhelmed, just don’t give up! Use these strategies daily, get the help you need and give yourself time. You will get there.

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