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Here’s How You Can Beat the January Blues!

The start of January opens up a plethora of emotions for you. While some people see it as the beginning of new things to come. And for others, the weight of expectations can be stifling. It is also winter in most parts of the world and sunless days add to the people’s woes. The summation of all these feelings leads to the January blues.

It also happens when all the festive season is well behind you, and you have to look forward to long stretches of working days ahead and dark winter days. However, not all is lost, and you can still combat the January blues with aplomb. Here’s what you can do to power through the first month of the day and beyond with these tips.

Go Outside

We should always expose ourselves to daylight is good for us, as we become depressed in darker months because of the limited sunlight exposure. Our brains love sunlight, and it helps regulate our sleep cycles. So, you can get outside to get as much daylight as possible at lunch. It will also make you more productive.

Skip Unrealistic New Year’s Resolutions

No one wants to fail to learn to make New Year’s achievable resolutions! It is unrealistic if you think you will make insane money next year before having any clear and achievable goals. Unrealistic resolutions set you up for failure. And thus, end up leaving you feeling awful. This is especially so when you do not have the means or lose the inclination to fulfill them. So, it is always feasible to have resolutions that you can stick to. When you do not have elevated expectations, you have fewer chances to be disappointed.

Try Something New

You create comfort zones, but it can stagnate you and stop you from making progress. So, have something on board that will keep you invigorated for the better part of the year, such as new hobbies and activities. Push the envelope to find out exactly what you like and play around with it. You may surprise yourself.

Time For Self-Introspection

The niggling post-Christmas feeling of nothingness may make you feel miserable, but then, when you are not overly caught up with things, you can enjoy a quiet moment of reflection. If you are feeling too sad, may it be time to think, why are you feeling the way you feel, and what can make you happier?

What are you concerned about? Is it about your health or your career? You can consider different ways to better the current situation in the coming year. It may give you a sneaky feeling of resolution, but it gives a more in-depth feeling, and it is more concrete than a lot of meaningless resolutions that people may have.

Now Is The Time to Exercise

It may sound too cliched to join a gym in January. However, exercise is not only about joining a gym and lifting weights, but it is also about lifting your spirits. You may not feel like exercising, but science says that exercise helps release endorphins (your body’s feel-good hormones). It keeps you happy after you complete a bout of exercise.

It can also eliminate the guilt you feel after a heavy dose of Christmas gluttony. Exercise may be one of the weak resolutions you make and tend to forget about later. If you stick to a routine, it may make you feel good about things. If it is not the gym, it can be exercising outside or a spot of yoga within the confines of your home. Your body will love it, and your mind will gradually benefit from it as well.

Don’t Put Too Much Importance on the Calendar.

We put too much importance on the calendar concept. We think of many things, such as concepts and ideas associated with January. But even if it is associated with many dark concepts, it is still concepts that you can change. It’s cold and dark, but you can treat it as June and make it work for you.

Also, it is always important to see the positive aspect of things, much like the glass full and glass empty thing. When you look at a half-full glass, what do you think about it? Half-empty or half-full? It’s always best to consider the positive part of it, a positive bent of mind can make you achieve the unthinkable.

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