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Kyle Richards Thanks J.Lo And The Kardashians For Changing Unrealistic Beauty Standards

Body-shaming is no longer a new phenomenon and unfortunately, people do it a lot. This topic came up again on a recent episode of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While on a camping trip, Kyle Richards told some her co-stars that she is not disturbed by what internet trolls say about her and her body. She was also quick to state how proud she is about her body and shape and mentioned that her positive body image is influenced by the popularity of celebrities who like J.Lo and the Kardashians. Richards said “Now if you’re fuller, it’s different. I’m like, ‘Okay, my butt looks big in this … yay!’ ”

Jennifer Lopez and some of the Kardashians are actually celebrated for their curves and plump booty, and Kyle was quick to state that this helps her and her four daughters feel better about their own bodies. “My daughters don’t feel that pressure of being thin like I did growing up because the body type has changed,” said the actress. She mentioned that she was affected by the super skinny models of the 1980s and ’90s, like Kate Moss, a beauty standard she deems unrealistic, and says her daughters don’t feel that pressure.

Lisa Rinna was also eager to share her opinion on the matter as a mother of two daughters that were born into the new beauty standards and raised another important aspect of growing up as a millennial: social media. Lisa rightfully argued that their daughters had to deal with a lot of pressure to look a certain way because their generation is so immersed in social media. This is not the first time the show addresses this important topic; Amelia Gray, one of Rinna’s daughters was a guest on one of the old editions of the show where she confessed that she battled with eating disorders while growing up.

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