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Smell Your Way to Bliss! Eight Scents That Are Guarenteed to Drive Away the Blues!

Get up and smell the coffee. Well, this adage may mean different things to different people. While it literally may mean face the harsh reality, smelling the coffee can stir happy memories. Weird but true, certain smells or aromas can make you feel happy and snap out of a bad mood. At the same time, it may be the smell of coffee and cinnamon for some.

For others, it may be the aroma of freshly baked apple pie. It may remind you of the good old days when you used to bake with your mom when you were a kid. It is true that fragrances, aroma, smell, whatever you call it, have a strong impact on our mind, even helping you combat mental setbacks. You can let certain aromas transport you to a world of happiness and help you stay there snug in the comfort of familiarity. Find out some of the most’ happy smells’ that can bring you immeasurable joy.


Research finds a link between the festive aroma or the smell of pine, which one often associates with winter holidays. It is one of the most stress-reducing smells ever. A study carried out at Japan’s Kyoto University found a deeper meaning to the popular practice of forest bathing or shinrin-yoku. The researchers found that participants could reduce the incidence of anxiety and depression as they walked through the pine-lined roads or foods.


The citrus smell is a pick-me-up smell that can invigorate your senses. The next time you are on the verge of eating a vitamin C-packed fruit, such as orange, smell it, and the only noise that will evade your mouth is a deep-felt Ahh! This citrusy smell is said to boost energy and alertness, and even the citrusy lime can reduce stress and positively impact the mind.


We associate the smell of sunscreen with beach holidays. Well, you are not alone to think like that. The pleasant fragrance can remind you of stress-free vacations and get you into relaxed and happy mode. So, on days you are knee-deep in work and need to let out your emotions, take a sniff of your sunscreen and see yourself transported to a tropical wonderland. Although in your imagination, who knows, the imagination may soon turn into reality. Practice affirmations, and it helps.

Fresh-Cut Grass

Keep mowing the grass and keep it on your to-do list. There is a reason behind that, as researchers in Australia will tell you. The smell of freshly cut grass releases a chemical that can make people feel more relaxed and even feel the faint stirrings of joy. The scent has even been bottled as a spray-on fragrance. The smell has a powerful impact and can stall mental decline as you age.


The fragrance of flowers has a strong impact on people. Flowers such as lavender or jasmine can bring about a sense of calmness. Lavender can ease away insomnia and depression. Flowers like jasmine can also boost moods.


Rosemary is a popular flavoring agent which amplifies brainpower. Studies show that the smell of the herb made people remember complex events and tasks. Scientists are now digging into the research to treat memory loss.


Peppermint oil has the power to elevate your mood and incite your mind and body. Studies prove that athletes who smell peppermint show greater improvement in performance parameters and better breathing.

Baby Powder

If you love to smell the baby powder, chances are you may feel nostalgic and take a trip back to your childhood. Experts say that the baby powder makes you go back to old memories and offers you a blanket of security and happy memories. It also invokes memories of the happiness of childhood.

Such is the power of smell. It can transport you to places without even moving afoot. A smell offers many things, memories, happiness, security, and so much more. We can also mention another smell that is a hot favorite with us. The smell of old books is something everyone loves. Spend some time with your old books when you get the time. You will be amazed at the plethora of emotions that hit you when the smell of old books hits your nostrils, reminding you of good old memories.

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