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These Countries Have The Best Health Care Systems in The World

The Americans are worried about the new health care system in the USA. However, people living in the countries on this list are highly satisfied with their own healthcare systems. Some of them don’t even think about health insurance since their country provides full coverage. Impossible? Well, it is possible since some of those countries are not so big as and as populated as the USA. The fewer the citizens, the easier it is to create laws and apply them.

Generally, any country’s health care system is one of the most important factors of the well-being of all the people. Even though the USA is one of the most developed and powerful countries in the world, its health care system—both the old and the new one—is far from excellent.

“In my opinion, our health care system has failed when a doctor fails to treat an illness that is treatable.” — Kevin Alan Lee 


Due to its closeness and likeness to the USA, they have been compared since 1970’s when the two countries had similar health care programs. After 1970’s, Canada switched to a publically funded system. Up to date, it provides the universal healthcare system to all its citizens. The money for this system comes from its citizens’ taxes. Today, Canada spends less than the USA on health care, and they even have a higher life expectancy.


Switzerland is a great country in many ways, so you will often see it on similar ‘the best of’ lists. As for the health care, it is obligatory for all the citizens and residents of longer than three months. Still, there are no free services, and the money they spend as a country on health care is among the biggest. As a comparison, the only country that spends more money on health care per capita than Switzerland is, surprisingly, the USA.

In Switzerland, all the citizens must choose a private health care plan. Their private health insurance companies are responsible that all citizens are covered. The premiums for health care are the same for all the citizens, and they aren’t based on one’s occupation. For those people who cannot afford to pay for their health care premiums, there are subsidies provided.


England’s healthcare is free for everyone and paid for through citizens’ taxes. The National Health Service provides health care for English people, and there are also private health insurance companies. Like in most countries, even though the basic services are free, some other additional services have to be paid for. These include prescriptions, eye services, and ear services.The National Health Service is in charge of employing doctors and running hospitals. 


The health care in Japan is such that all the country’s citizens must have coverage. It can come either from the employer or through the national program. It is well-known that Japan has one of the highest living expectancies in the world but still, their per capita health care expenditures are a lot lower than in most other countries. They also have very low infant mortality rates. High illness recovery rates are something Japan is proud of. Japan’s national health care program offers a wide variety of free services for those who choose to use it. Maybe its health care system is actual the thing that makes Japan one of the healthiest countries in the world.


Did you know that France spends more money on health care than any other European country? Still, they spend less than the USA does. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), France has been considered to have the most efficient, functional health care system in the world for years. The combination of private and public coverage is their ‘secret.’ Almost everyone in France has health insurance, and most people have additional private insurance. Around 70% of all the medical bills in France are covered by the government. In France, there is the lowest amount of deaths that could have been prevented with basic medical insurance of any country.


Austria has an income-based pricing for health insurance, and all Austrians can have free, basic health care services. Now, be attentive since this one is a rather extraordinary fact:  Austria also provides free health care services to all visitors to their country and tourists!

In Austria, everyone gets free basic health care, but people with more money can buy premium plans that they pay for. Of course, there are those people who can and will pay for a private health insurance plan entirely to ensure better services.

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