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Feeling Bored All the Time? Motivate Yourself to Change

woman sitting on top of the mountainThe phenomenon that we call “boredom” is something that starts within ourselves. A common misconception that we have is that it comes from the world around us. We think that the world around us is boring that it infects us with its monotony, leading us to feel tired and uninterested. However, that’s not the case. We often say things like, “I’m talking with someone boring,” or “This place is so boring.”

We often blame everything around us whenever we do not have anything interesting to do. Boredom comes from within us. Once you realize that it isn’t some sort of plague or disease, but rather a feeling that brews within us,it’s easy to start and win your battles against monotony.

The Need for Change

First off, you need to change. Not in a sense that you need to change yourself entirely. What you need to do is to change your attitude and change your outlook on life and the world. The way you look at the world contributes to how you feel. If you look at the world with weary and tiresome eyes, the chances are that you’re going to find it boring soon. There are a lot of things to do and to enjoy in the world. It’s not such a sad and pitiful place to live in.

Life is all about how you see it – perspective. When you think life is dull and boring, then it will be. But if you think that the world’s filled with countless adventures to be had and numerous mysteries that need to be uncovered, then life will be filled with lots of excitement and never-ending fun.

The Need to Organize

woman sitting by the windowLack of interest can also stem when your own life is in clutter. It means that you do have time for yourself, but you don’t know how to use it, or you end up using it poorly. What you need to do is to organize the things in your life. Make a list of the things that you want to do and start making a routine. For example, you can go exercise, play sports, do a hobby – just keep doing something that can make you busy.

When you think you’ve run out of things, hobbies, or anything recreational to do, research and experiment on the brand new things you can do to. If you aren’t used to reading, try picking up and reading a book. Who knows? The very thing you hate might become your most favorite hobby if you give it a chance. Change on how you dress up to spice things up a bit. Renovate your house and rearrange furniture to experience a new perspective starting in your own home. Change the setup of your desk at work, bringing about a fresh air of productivity and creativity. Experiment by changing certain things in your life, and indeed, you’ll be sweeping away boredom slowly but surely.

The Need for a Change of Pace

woman kayakingA change of pace is what we need most of the time. Whenever we’re tired, we think of our lives as boring or tiresome. If you live a fast-paced life filled with nerve-wracking decisions that you need to make within seconds, you need some time to slow down and chill out for a bit. This is common for those living the city life where work just seems never to leave your mind.

Take a day or two to relax a bit. Organize and sort out the things in your life so that you can keep up. Sit back and relax for a while without thinking of anything else. If you’re up for it, you can go to serene locations and meditate. Reaching a point of zen and peace can undoubtedly bring you back and readjust the pace of your life.

Often, the thing that hinders us from our goals and what makes us think that we are dull and insufficient is ourselves. Self-esteem and confidence play their roles in our lives too. Having nothing interesting in our lives is something we all dread as it brings about several negative emotions. It makes us tired, weary, lazy, and slow. We often blame the world around us why it is uninteresting, why it’s boring, why it doesn’t have anything that can spark that light within you.

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