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Five Amazing Ways to Beat Your Cellphone Addiction Today

The classic definition of alcoholism is when the addict wakes up and chugs a shot of vodka instead of drinking coffee or water. So what is the first thing you do when you wake up every morning?

If you are in a habit of reaching for your cellphone immediately after opening your eyes or if you’re constantly distracted by your mobile device during work and can’t stop yourself from checking social media even during a romantic date night, you could be addicted to it. If your cellphone is preventing you from living your best life, it’s time to break the addiction with these five tips:

Skip the Morning Cellphone Check

Instead of reaching for your phone, spend some quality time with your family first thing in the morning before everyone goes to work or school

The first half hour of your morning should be dedicated to building a positive start to the day and engaging in activities that could make you more productive throughout the day. Instead of reaching for your phone the first thing, use the time on quick meditation or cooking a healthy breakfast for a more nutritious start of the morning. If you have more time on your hands, do some stretching exercises and focus on positive thoughts that can mentally prepare you for the long day ahead.

No Cellphones Allowed Inside

It is common for most people to keep a cellphone close to them at work even in cases when it is not required. But having a distraction always in sight can prove to be bad for your productivity. The notification bell on your phones, whether related to work or not, can easily shift your focus from the task on hand to the little electronic device.

To combat the distraction issue, try to create no-cellphone timeslots whenever you’re expecting to work on an important project which requires all your attention. Even if you’re able to go for 2 hours a day without using a phone, during your most productive hours, you can get a lot done by devoting 100 per cent of your attention to the work in front of you.

Don’t Use the Cellphone in the Car

Try to switch off you phone while driving to keep yourself and others safe on the road

Most people believe that switching off the cellphone before getting into a car should be law just like when travelling on an aircraft. And looking at the number of road accidents that occur every year due to cell phone usage, it wouldn’t be too absurd for this law to be passed. Most people aren’t very good at multi-tasking which is why it is impossible to pay full attention to the road while looking at your cellphone screen.

Most people use their devices while driving with the excuse of getting GPS directions but this is a dangerous practice since taking your eyes off the road for even two seconds can have catastrophic consequences.

Enjoy Real Conversations

The prevalence of social media in today’s world is making people less appreciative of real-life interactions which is why you see so many people checking their cellphones at cafes or restaurants while they’re in someone’s company. What’s more important to you: virtual text messages and emojis or real conversations with a person.

When you’re with someone and your cellphone suddenly goes off and you apologize to the person saying, ‘I really need to get that call,’ they might tell you it’s okay, but deep down they consider it a rude gesture. Your addiction to cellphone can ruin relationships and friendships so make sure to switch it off when you’re in good company and immerse yourself in healthy conversations and communication building skills.

Put it Away Before Bedtime

If you’re used to staying up late in the night and can’t understand why you aren’t able to fall asleep easily, it may have something to do with your habit of using electronic devices before sleep. Most people lose their sleep over cellphones but still won’t admit that they are addicted to it.

To combat the addiction, turn off your phone or leave it on silent at least an hour before bedtime to do something meaningful such as reading a book or mentally planning out the next day’s events. Letting go of the cellphone habit before bedtime will also help you fall asleep earlier so that you wake up the next day feeling fresh.

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