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Are You A Jealous Person? Check Out These Signs

Jealousy can be good or bad. While good jealousy can make you more motivated to achieve more, bad jealousy is an ugly emotion. It is a nasty feeling that bugs the heart and mind, resulting to other emotions such as anger. Here, we are referring to the jealousy that people feel due to other people’s achievements and progress in life.  This can be overwhelming, leading you to do nasty things. Is there a way to know whether you are the jealous type of people? Yes! Below are some signs that you suffer from jealousy.


 “A competent and self-confident person is incapable of jealousy in anything. Jealousy is invariably a symptom of neurotic insecurity.” — Robert A. Heinlein

 You are Nosy

A jealous person does unnecessary things such as prying into other people’s emails and screening their phone calls and messages.  Even with the knowledge that it is wrong, they cannot but pry into their privacy to confirm things. There is no way they can have peace of mind until they do so. Are you such a person? 

 You Are Petty

Due to the of the scorching jealousy inside, a jealous person begins to lose their ability to remain calm and logical. Therefore, they tend to pick up small issues and arguments. On a subliminal level, the goal is to pass some of the pent up emotions to the other person while sugar coating it at the same time.

 You Are Always in Doubt and In Need Of Reassurance

Sure, reassurance can be a comforting gesture as you are assured that you still hold a special and significant part to your lover or friend. However, when you’re jealous, you tend to be clingy to the other person. You keep nagging and asking them if you mean anything to them. Your friends or lover will always confide in you, of course. But we recommend you not to test their patience. As their patience might be running thin and eventually, they might burst out about your jealousy and things will go downhill from there. You find yourself engaging from petty argument to a serious one that may threaten the relationships you have. Either it will end up in separation, breakup, or broken friendship.


When you are jealous, it is difficult to feel genuine feelings towards the other person. You will say “congratulations” or “I’m happy for you” but deep inside, you wish for their downfall.

Jealousy develops to hate, so be warned. 

How to Deal With Your Jealousy

 Shift Your POV

Sometimes, all it takes to squash your jealousy is to shift your perspective. Put yourself into the other person’s shoes. Don’t you think they deserve the success after toiling so much? They surely do. He or she is just reaping the fruits of his/her efforts, so work hard, and you will be just like them.

 Remind Yourself Of your Worth

Just because someone is doing better than you does not mean that you are worthless. Every person is unique in his or her own way; therefore, do what you are good at without comparing yourself to others. Work on your strengths, and you will stand out as well.  

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