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How to Keep on Motivating Yourself to Stay More Productive at Work!

Motivation sometimes deserts you when you need it the most. On some days you may feel inspired, while on others it may take effort to do the bare minimum.

You may keep looking at your computer screen, as you try to type, create, develop content. You continue to go through the motions and hardly think about the kind of work you are producing. In such a situation, you are lacking inspiration and don’t know how to motivate yourself.

Well, if you have been there and done that, and yet haven’t been able to find practical solutions for your lack of motivation, here are some tips for you to get your game back on point.

Make Hard Look Easy

Only you can motivate yourself to work hard or stop you from turning out to be your best. Don’t push or burden yourself too much, as it would become overwhelming and you won’t be able to accomplish a lot. Don’t consider any of your tasks unachievable. Remind yourself that nothing is impossible and you will be able to accomplish it, even if it seems unrealistic to you. Just take it one step at a time and make the hard tasks easy!

Small Goals Big Results

Always change your big goals to bite-sized ones. The smaller they are, the easier is their execution.

This will help you make greater progress in your journey and you’ll also feel a sense of accomplishment. The smaller goals through your progress do not get overwhelming and it gets easier to achieve the higher goal.

Read More

You must have enough time on your hand to read more. Reserve the quieter hours of the day to read – preferably early mornings.

Make sure that you read for at least an hour every day. If that seems too much, start with 20 minutes a day and gradually increase the duration. Reading is one of the quickest ways to achieve success as you read inspiring stories of triumphant people. You can even make reading fun and rewarding for yourself by aligning it to your areas of interest.

Don’t Get Bogged Down by Silly Things

Do not let the silly things bog your mental energy. Look at your to-do list, find things you do not care about, and get rid of the extras as much as possible. You will remain motivated if you continue to work on activities that are meaningful and help you reach the larger goal.

Set a Cut Off Time

Entrepreneurs want to work at least 8 to 5 workdays. Since more and more people have to stay connected via emails and Skype, it now feels like a 24-hour workday. In such a scenario it is important to set for yourself a cut-off time, marking the limit of your capacity to work.

Give yourself the time and take a break. Be sure to stick to the schedule on most days of the week. Stop answering work calls or emails by a fixed time on workdays, and try to take at least a day off. This will refresh you and make you more productive as there is more time to relax.

Do it Right There and Then!

When you have something to do and the thought process constantly affects you, the best way to accomplish your goals is to do the task right there and then.

When you complete your tasks immediately, as long as the conditions are feasible, you can keep your mind free of stray thoughts. This way, you can focus on your work and achieve success without worrying about anything.

It may seem weird but it always works! If you slow down and postpone the tasks at hand, you may continue to tussle as you try to deal with many issues.  So, try and do the pleasurable and exciting things that will interest and invigorate you.

Acknowledge the Good Things

Start acknowledging the good that is happening in your life. Don’t ignore the red flags, but try and make yourself understand that everything isn’t perfect and is not going to be so. It is better to accept reality as it is. Do you recognize the many good things you accomplish? The small targets you achieve also need to be celebrated.  Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for all those mini accomplishments. This will encourage you, and make you recognize the finer points which you might have failed to notice otherwise.

Keep at it and you’ll surely discover your motivated self sooner rather than later. Best of luck with that!

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