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Learn How To Start Writing From Stephen King Himself

Do you aspire to become an author? Is it your dream to publish a book that sells? Do you love reading books and someday dream of publishing your own? If so, then you must’ve dreamed to become a bestselling author. However, we do realize that the path towards the fame and glory is filled with narrow steep and rocky roads along the way. For one, we find ourselves struggling with writing drafts and finishing the whole book. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Dealing with writer’s block, self-doubts, technicalities, and naysayers not only slows us down, but it crushes our confidence too. How do we overcome all these hurdles to keep writing until we’ve reached our goal? Here are the pointers and advice you should apply to help you realize your dream to become a bestselling author. And fret not, for this advice is proven and tested by none other than the bestselling author Stephen King himself.

Just Start Writing

Start Writing The First Chapter of your Novel

Start writing the first chapter of your novel

No matter how much you plan or how much you boast while thinking of a story to write, the truth is no one will bother to know your idea, not unless you write it. Likewise, you’ll never be able to finish writing a book if you don’t write. So in order to start realizing your dream, just start to type. Take that leap of faith and take the first step. Remember that the one line you’ve written will multiply to 100, 1000, and so on. Start chasing your dream by writing that single line that can change your life.

Follow Your Passion

Reaching that goal to become a worldwide bestselling author may seem impossible, but guess what, it’s only impossible if you decide it to be. If you give up now, then it’ll be impossible for you to reach your dream. No matter what other people say, ignore them and pursue your passion. Don’t ever give your dream up. Believe in yourself and your talent and just keep on writing. Write until your hands bleed. Write until you’ve reached your dreams.

Do it for Joy

If you’re writing because you feel pressured or you’re writing in hopes to get famous or earn lots of money from it, then you better stop. While it’s true that we do dream about reaching all of those, but all of that can vanish. The only thing you should think of if you’re writing from the bottom of your heart is the joy of writing. You will fell in love with what you write and the joy of creating a new world. Nothing beats the process of realizing all the ideas of your head and transferring it to a pen and paper (or typing on the computer).

Don’t be Afraid of Rejection

JK Rowling went through numerous rejections before Harry Potter was published and became Worldwide bestselling series.

Writing is not easy and it’s certainly not all peachy. You have to remember that not all readers can appreciate the book you wrote. With that said, someone is bound to reject your work or book. However, it doesn’t mean that your book is not good or that you don’t have any talent in writing. It just happens that the theme or content of your book doesn’t coincide with their standards or preference. Don’t let these rejections deter you from writing. Just keep writing and keep submitting until you find the right audience and publishers who will patronize your book. Aside from that, those rejections will help you improve your work.

Make it Unique

Find Your Unique Voice to Create Your Own Work

Find your unique voice to create your own work

It’s no-brainer that sometimes we copy or imitate the writing style of our favorite authors. Sometimes we tend to do that because they left a great influence on us and we want to create a masterpiece like their works. However, make sure that you don’t carry someone else’s writing style throughout the stage of writing a book. Why? Because originality will get you nowhere. If someone reads your book, they’ll identify with someone else’s work and not yours. That’s why it’s important to find your own voice, your own unique style that’ll help your readers remember your own work. The moment you do that, you’ll be marketing that own voice to sell your book. And when someone reads a new book of yours, they’ll instantly know that you’re the author of it. Suffice to say, your writing voice acts as your own trademark.

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