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Love Yourself: The Great Benefits You’ll Reap By Being Single

We can’t deny the fact that the millennials nowadays are too caught up in their love life and we really couldn’t blame them since falling in love can bring sunshine and rainbows to your life. We can’t help but feel inspired and motivated knowing there’s someone out there who cares and loves us genuinely. We feel delighted at the fact that someone is waiting for us when we get home and we’re excited to create precious memories with the love of our life. That’s why most millennials prefer to browse through dating sites or hang out with their friends in hope to find their significant other.

They feel they’re being left out when they see their friends in a relationship or getting married, and here they are still single. But before you go sulking in the corner, you might want to think about your relationship status once again. The truth is, you don’t need to rush love because it will come to you at the right time. What you should do, instead, is prepare and become the best version of yourself while waiting for your love to come. Here are the great benefits you’ll get by staying single.

You Have More Free Time

Single Woman Treating Herself For a Bubble Bath

Single Woman Treating Herself With a Bubble Bath

We all know that being in a relationship is a commitment. You need to at least meet once a week and go out for a date to catch up in your relationship. If not, you need to remember your monthsary date and spend this special occasion together every month and so on and so forth. While it’s a gratifying feeling to spend your time with your loved ones, sometimes it’s also taxing and exhausting. You’ll spend a rough time trying to squeeze your schedule just to make time. This, in turn, might deprive you of having your alone time.

But if you’re single, you don’t have to worry about that as you’ve got all the free time in the world. You’ve got some alone time to relax, unwind, and refresh yourself. You don’t need to force yourself going out for a date when you’re dead tired. If you want to do something that’s in line with your passion or hobby, you can do it at your own premises. There’s no one who’ll stop you from doing what you want and most of all, there’s no one who’ll monitor your whereabouts every single time.

You Don’t Have to Pretend You’re Interested in Things You Don’t Care About

We all know the rule. If you truly love a person, you’re able to accept all their differences, hobbies, and passion. You also get to know his or her circle of friends. It takes a lot of courage and determination to do this just for the one you love. And if you’ve done that for love, then we salute you. However, sometimes it’s difficult for you to put your interest in something that you don’t really care about. You feel unmotivated and uninspired because it doesn’t interest you after all. How can you muster yourself to be interested when there’s no spark in what you’re doing? But when you’re single, you don’t have to put yourself through this misery. Instead of wasting your time in caring about something that doesn’t interest you one bit, you can spend your time doing something productive that is in line with your passion or hobby.

Spend Money On Yourself

Strolling Around The Streets of Paris While Shopping To Your Heart's Content

Strolling Around The Streets of Paris While Shopping To Your Heart’s Content

We all know this vicious cycle. We get our salary, but then it disappears in a snap because you pay your bills, responsibilities, and debts. And sometimes you also need to allocate a portion of your money to spend on your dates and night outs, barely leaving you any money to buy the things you want. However, if you’re single, you can save your money and divert its allocation to yourself. If you love collecting books, shoes, dresses, you can use your hard-earned money to treat yourself. Do you want to eat those mouthwatering foods in the restaurants? Come on and treat yourself. There’s nothing wrong with spending the money you’ve earned on yourself because you worked hard for it!

You Have Space and Time To Assess Your Life

List Down Your Life Goals and Work on Achieving Them

List Down Your Life Goals and Work on Achieving Them

When you’re in a relationship, you barely have time to progress in your own life because your life is intertwined with your significant other. There are times where we need to sacrifice our dreams and goals in life in favor of starting a new family, taking care of your husband/wife and your upcoming children, among other things. When you’re in a relationship or in the bounds of marriage, you have to make decisions not centered on yourself anymore. You find yourself thinking about a future together with your family.

There are some of us who still aren’t ready to enter that kind of a lifetime commitment. How can we, when we can barely sate and satisfy ourselves first, right? That’s why, if you’re not ready to commit yet, we suggest you still stay single and rather take this opportunity to reach your dreams, goals, and ambitions in life. While you’re still free, take some bold risks to create the life you want to live. Do you want to become a bestselling author? Go for it. Do you want to build a house and have a car? Work for it. Do you want to travel the world? Save some money and embark on a lifetime journey. When you’ve fulfilled all your goals and live a steady life, then you can say that you’re ready to settle down.

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