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How to Motivate Yourself to Run a Marathon!

The time has come when you have to motivate yourself to get from your couch and start thinking of reaching your goal of participating in a marathon. But if you are preparing for a marathon (long-distance running), you need several ways to stick to your goals.

If you have made it through the bulk of your half-marathon training, give yourself the final push to complete your marathon by dint of your hard work. Remember to maintain a positive attitude throughout the final training runs. Here’s how you can keep fatigued at bay and your motivation high through the various training sessions.

Eat to Fuel Your Body

When you’re running at least three to five miles a day, you can eat a little extra from your regular regime. But, as you start clocking in the eight, ten, and twelve miles, it becomes important to get your nutrition smart and fuel your body right. This aids your recovery after a strenuous training session. It would help if you cooked a carb-heavy dinner of pasta, marinara sauce, and meatless meatballs. You can add other sources of protein if you can.

It can fuel up your muscles on the early morning run and stop you from feeling like giving up midway. Also, replenish your fluids and snacks within 15 minutes. You can always keep healthy food options with you, such as a banana and nuts with you. Also, as soon as you finish practicing, have an avocado toast.

Get Enough Sleep

As per the National Sleep Foundation, adults must get an average of eight hours of sleep per night. It becomes all the more important when you are you are training for a marathon. Like for most training processes, you need to plan right. If you are getting your body ready for the 6 a.m run, get to bed by 10 p.m. A good night’s sleep can help your body to recover well and also helps reduce stress and anxiety. The right sleeping habit can help you maintain a routine and stave off restless nights.

Visualize Route Success

As the marathon race day approaches, study the course map so that you know the way, like the back of the hand. You will know exactly what lies on the way, such as steep hills and more. For longer runs, you can visualize the feeling of going for a big race and focus on having an incredibly enjoyable experience.

Knowing the course map will also help you let your friends and family markers know about the mile markers, which will be there at the race to cheer you. If the 11th mile ends with a big hill, you can ask the cheering section to be on the top to give you all the motivation you need to reach your final goal.

Run With Your Buddies

The social side of running happens to be one of the most common reasons people start and keep on doing it. You can find a local running club or keep some friends or colleagues around you to run to make each of the sessions easy and more enjoyable.

Keep Track of Your Progress

Complete a training log, or you can record your runs online, that can keep motivating you. As you browse through the older entries, you will remind yourself how far you have come. This may further encourage you to strive hard and reach your goals.

The Health Benefits Should Motivate You

Running is extremely good for you. Whether you are trying to lose weight or improve your fitness levels, running is great for your body. Whether for a marathon or otherwise, running can give back exactly what you invest in it. It’s also happened to be an excellent stress-buster thanks to the endorphins or the feel-good hormones that you produce while performing an exercise.

 Do it for a Good Cause.

Running for a good cause will motivate you to perform better and remind you that participation or a win will benefit others. So, do it not only for yourself but also for others. This will rev up your motivation levels on the days that you will feel low. This will certainly keep your motivation levels running high.

Push yourself and motivate yourself to finally make yourself participate in either a half-marathon or a full marathon. Trust us. This is just what you need to turn your life and health for the better.

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