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Are You Motivated Enough To Live In These Overcrowded Cities?

Living in overcrowded cities is not something that is liked by everyone. Getting into the subway, a queue at the airport and having to push your way around it is not the best thing to do but unfortunately, we have seen it all. The moments were perhaps not the best in our lives but for some reason, we were motivated enough to be part of a large crowd.

Living in a crowded city can be a challenge and is a task which can only be accomplished by the motivated. We are going to discuss some of the most densely populated cities in the world where you will need more than just motivation to get through everyday life. Consider yourselves lucky if you aren’t a resident of one of the cities below because you can now put your motivation to better use. If you are still trying to understand what we are trying to say, brace yourself because we are taking you through some of the overcrowded cities in the world.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Jakarta has great infrastructure but is sadly overcrowded.

Jakarta, Indonesia is crowded, polluted and has a population of 9600 people per square kilometer. The city is home to 30.2 million that are crammed into a small area. Jakarta has some great infrastructure but unfortunately, it is highly overcrowded. The sheer weight of the infrastructure in Jakarta is causing the city to sink at approximately 25 cm every year, leading to estimates being prepared that it would take $40 billion to save the city from a watery grave. However, chances are that you will like the city of Jakarta despite the problems that have been mentioned.


Stretch your arms wide and you begin feel yourselves touching Singapore which is just a short plane right away. Singapore resembles a city from a different planet and is also the financial center of the world. It is also a city which has a population of 10,200 people per square kilometer living in an area of just 518 km². The government of Singapore does a great job keeping the city tidy despite achieving the distinction of being among the most overcrowded cities in the world. Your motivation will, however, be tested especially when matters related to expenditure are taken into account because the city is insanely expensive.

Abuja, Nigeria

The Nigerian capital Abuja is home to over 6 million people despite being designed to hold fewer.

Abuja was designed in the 70s to be a spacious getaway from Lagos the Nigerian capital. However, Abuja saw an influx of nearly 6 million people for a place designed to accommodate fewer. Abuja has 10,500 people for every square kilometer. The result is evident for all to see with skyscrapers and mansions dotting one part of the city while the other is home to some horrendous slums. It is these slums which are making Abuja a city to be reckoned with on this list. The best part of the city is the fact that it is relatively crime-free, which is an achievement of sorts in a country that has been split apart by an Islamist insurgency. Living in this overcrowded city may give you a feeling of being safe, but you will definitely not like it when you are required to deal with crowds all the time.

Kota, India

The second overcrowded city in India is located close to Rajasthan and has a population of 12,100 people per square kilometer. This city is not a tourist destination but it is famous for its industries. The population of the city is just 1 million, but the space provided for industrial establishments has left the people with little choice but to live in congested spaces. This city is also home to a number of students that are making attempts to pass out of competitive engineering and medical colleges. Rather than be popular for its cramped spaces the city has become notorious for suicides among students that are often stressed out because of lengthy study shifts.

Lagos, Nigeria

As a city, Lagos in Nigeria overtakes Abuja with 13,300 people per square kilometer. Lagos is a sprawling city with a large population, cars, skyscrapers, slums, temples, mosques, along with madness and garbage. Lagos is highly overcrowded with up to 50 people sharing a single toilet. You can consider yourself highly motivated if you decide to live in this overcrowded city which is certain to leave you utterly frustrated.

Medellin, Colombia

Medellin is not just famous for Pablo Escobar but also has the distinction of having 19,700 people for every square kilometer. Medellin does not give you an impression of being crowded like Bogotá but the city is well-managed and has a reputation of being tidy and clean. Medellin was at one time known as the murder capital of the world but presently efforts are being made to make the city safer and better connected with the world.

Mumbai, India

Expansion of Mumbai has brought the need for another expansion of the city.

When talking about the overcrowded cities of the world, it would be an injustice not to mention Mumbai in India which has a population of 31,700 people per square kilometer. Mumbai is capable of making even Medellin or Lagos resemble Alaska. The city of Mumbai has an efficient public transportation system which is often overcrowded and accounts for the deaths of approximately 1600 people every year that is traveling by trains. Efforts were made by the government to expand the city to ease out the overcrowding about two decades ago. The present situation is such that fresh efforts will again need to be made to ease overcrowding from the expanded areas of the city.

Dhaka, Bangladesh

The Capital Of Bangladesh can make Mumbai look like God’s own country.

If you hear the figure of overcrowding in Dhaka in Bangladesh, you will probably consider Mumbai as one of the lesser overcrowded cities of the world. Dhaka beats Mumbai in terms of population per square kilometer by nearly 25%. 44,500 people are crammed to every square kilometer in the capital of Bangladesh. Dhaka has a reputation of a city that never sleeps but it is better known as a city that never moves. You don’t need to be motivated to live in the capital of Bangladesh. You are unlikely to accept the challenge unless it was a life and death situation with no options available.

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