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What Is The Real Problem With Health Insurance?

Would you like what is the real problem with health insurance? Is it the costs of the insurance itself? Are you concerned about unscrupulous doctors and pharmaceutical companies trying to send you expensive brands? Is it the concern that your insurers are not paying for every expense you are required to indulge in?

Quite a few studies which have been conducted have indicated they have become dependent on the system for healthcare and believe insurance companies must be paying for every expense they are required to indulge in for visits to the doctor on a hospital. Let us look at the reasons why people are behaving in this manner.

Quality child care, health insurance coverage, and training make it possible for former welfare recipients to get, and keep, jobs.

~Mel Carnahan

Why Is Health Insurance Considered A Problem?

People purchase cars and insure them as stipulated by the laws. The insurance policy is purchased for reasons of accidental damages and not to cover minor expenditure. When people need to change the oil or the filters in their cars they do not consider filing a claim for the expense but pay the expense themselves. They are aware the insurance policy of their car with only cover certain expenditure.

When people purchase health insurance their behavior, unfortunately, is quite the opposite. People are conditioned to have an entitlement mentality towards health care insurance and believe they are entitled to healthcare at little or no cost to themselves. Perhaps it is this mentality that is making health insurance a problem because people are not willing to admit it is just a safety net that will cover catastrophic expenditure.

Why Are People Indulging in Such Behavior?

When people visit an auto mechanic and are told their breaks need to be overhauled the first question that comes to their mind is about the costs that will be involved and questions are raised about the matter. On the other hand, things are entirely different when people visit a doctor and are advised they will need to visit a specialist for some additional tests to be conducted. The question of the costs is not discussed at this point because people believe they just need to present an insurance card at the counter and pay the minimum balance that will be due while the rest will be paid by someone else.

This is a conservative mentality in America which has come down the line for a long time despite being unaffordable. Presently Americans are only paying about $.12 per dollar for Healthcare Services while the other balance is being paid by the insurance company who are in turn recovering the money from higher premiums charged from other clients.

Americans seem to have lost the self-reliance they once had in the past. They no longer believe healthcare insurance is a facility which can be used in the event of major problems that could strike them and have begun to assume it can also cover minor tests to determine whether they are suffering from any vitamin deficiencies. It is this sense of entitlement which is creating a problem for healthcare services and in particular health insurance.

Everyone is aware of the high costs of health care services and it is one of the reasons why a number of debates are being held on how to reduce these costs. While a few words have been mentioned about reducing the costs of medicines from pharmaceutical companies no concrete actions have been seen in this regard. The shortage of doctors within the country is probably encouraging the medical fraternity to charge higher prices for their services. It is to cover for these costs in medical emergencies that health insurance is being made available.

In 2012, the Supreme Court upheld President Obama’s overreaching mandate that forces every American to purchase health insurance or face a fine.

~Blake Farenthold

People who are holders of insurance policies would not be wrong in assuming they should be entitled to every expense simply because they are paying a premium to the insurer. While the assumptions of people cannot be disputed it must also be mentioned that insurance companies have certain limitations on the kind of expenses they can continue to bear. Things would be a lot better if people applied a similar theory as they are doing with their cars and displayed a sense of self-reliance. Automobile insurers haven’t been complaining like health insurance companies and there is no reason why the change of thinking in the minds of people in this regard will not bring about changes within the health care system.

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