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If You Want Positive Thoughts, You Should Get Rid of These Types of ‘Friends’

Once upon a time, we all believed in friendships. We believed that friendships last forever, like in fairy tales. Thus, we gave ourselves every day for every single one of them. But as the time passed, we realized that things changed—or they simply weren’t what we wanted them to be. Most of our friends didn’t feel about us the way we felt for them. They made us feel bad, even uncomfortable so that we eventually think “why did I ever hang out with you in the first place?” Getting rid of fake friends and people who are bad for us and our mental health is an essential thing to do. We all deserve to enjoy friendships and to be treated like the amazing people we truly are. If you feel that you aren’t appreciated the way you should, you must delete these ‘toxic’ people from your life.

Toxic people will pollute everything around them. Don’t hesitate. Fumigate.”  Mandy Hale 

These are eight types of friends that must go from your life!

 Selfish friends

Every friendship is about both sides, you and your friend. If your friend is only about herself or himself, you will start feeling hurt and denied, and that is really tough. You won’t enjoy while listening only other people’s worries and problems because you have your own ones, too! You don’t need selfish friends, no. Also, don’t become one either.

Friends you always make plans with

I can’t actually call these people friends since there is a lack of proper communication in this type of a relationship. We all know that communication is the main and essential thing in every friendship. However, if you always call her/him to hang out and there is no answer, what then? There is something deeply wrong with this relationship. Also, when she or he calls you, you aren’t there, too (Actually, more often you are the one that calls). In the end, you might feel that the person is doing you a favor every time he/she goes out with you, so just say no and deal with it once and for all.

Friends who make you feel bad

True and real friends love the person you are and think of you as a truly amazing individual. They challenge you to become better but will also accept your mistakes and flaws. There is a huge difference between friends who are judging you and making you feel awful about yourself and these we just mentioned. It isn’t important how they do things. The result is that you are unsatisfied with yourself and your accomplishments in their company, so just avoid them from now on and don’t call them ‘friends.’

Friends who make you decide wrongly

These types of friends encourage you to make wrong and bad decisions in your life. These are probably people who don’t share the same interests with you, and thus don’t understand your life aspiration. In this way or another, they aren’t the people you should have in your life/ Therefore, leave them behind or just stop asking for their advice from now on.

Scrounger friends

We all love helping people and friends. If you noticed that your friend is only with you because of your money, well it is needless to say how wrong this is. It is interesting that this is not the rule for the people with not-s- good financial status—any friend can do this. Neither lend your money to this type of people nor hang out with them!

Friends that are friends only when single

If he/she is in a relationship, you don’t see him/her, nor you hang out. This person is out of reach when in love! A few months later, there he/she is with a broken heart and stressed out, to get himself/herself repaired from emotional damage. Don’t befriend this type of people! Have respect for yourself!

Proud, rich friends who make you feel poor

They remind you that they own way more money than you do—and not in a good way! You will feel bad whenever they buy something, go somewhere or make plans. Their plans are often similar to your dreams. These people don’t see stuff like this or just want to make you feel bad and poor. You should be satisfied with your life without accentuating on material things. Some things truly matter in life, and money isn’t one of them. Don’t tell them that; just leave them behind and step away from this friendship.

Jealous friends

They keep hanging out with you but only to find things to envy. Later on, they go out with other people and talk badmouth about you. The things they envy you about are more or less trivial—from school to your physical appearance—and it seems like these friends constantly look for new things to envy about. Realize that these people are not worth of your comment nor your company and get rid of them.

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