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What is the Best Time to Have Carbs in Order to Lose Weight?

Are carbs are your best buddy or your worst enemy? Well, most foods contain carbohydrates, so you cannot eliminate a food group. Even if it has gotten itself a bad rap, carbs are a necessary food group. That does not mean you can overload on carbs. Speaking of this food group, it is not only how much you eat but at what time you eat. Being carb-conscious may help you drop the extra fat and even lose weight in the process.

So, which is the right time to consume more carbs? As far as the statistics go. Most Americans stay active in the earlier part of the day, and as the day wears on, they become more sedentary. So, if you eat a sizeable amount of carbs in the evening, you are more likely to cause a blood sugar spike and gain body fat. So, what is the ideal eating window of carbs? Find out in this article!

When You Exercise in the Morning

The world is full of people arguing whether you should exercise on an empty stomach or eat before you exercise. But here’s something we learned, if you are exercising in the A.M for less than an hour, it’s okay to exercise on an empty stomach and start entering the fat-burning zone. But if you are an athlete and plan to exercise for more than an hour, you probably need carbs right after your exercise to fuel up.

One Way to Avoid Sleep Disruption

Should you eat before you sleep? That’s a tricky area. Too many carbs too close to bedtime can disrupt the digestion process, especially if it causes heartburn. So, to make the most of your carb-eating routine, eat the right carbs.

We mean you should skip all the refined sugary stuff that may spike the blood sugar levels instead eat something that may keep you full for hours and help you fall into a deep restorative sleep. Also, when you combine your chosen form of good carbs, such as millets, quinoa, and other whole grains, pair it up with the right quantity of protein and fat. So, eat the right combination and also at the right time, say three or four hours before your bedtime.

Eating Your Carbs at the Right Amount

Don’t desert your carbs. Just eat it the right way, so start with a 9-inch plate fill at least half of it with veggies, one quarter with quality and satiating protein, and one quarter with carbs. Your carb intake also differs as per your activity levels.

On days you are more active, eat more carbs and on the days when you spend more time on the couch, eat less amount of carbs. However, don’t overdo the protein and fat bit. Sustainable weight loss happens when you eat balanced meals at optimum intervals.

All About Calorie Counting

Not all carbs are created equal. Your carb intake is, of course, dependent on the timing, but too many carbs is a sure-shot recipe for disaster. Choose fiber-rich and complex carbs. They are the most weight-loss-friendly carbs that you could find. If you have already joined the carb-hating bandwagon, wait doesn’t jump the gun as yet.

Carbs are necessary for your weight loss and long-term health goals. And whoever said fad diets are good for you has been lying all along. Research substantiates this advice that carbs should be an essential part of a well-balanced diet plan. They can help build muscles and also improve your athletic performance drastically.

So, don’t ignore your carbs at all. Eat them at the right time and in the right calories. The right type of carbs is also beneficial from the millions of good bacteria jostling for space in your gut, trying their best to outdo the bad bacteria from your gut. And like research says, good bacteria or the right kind of bacteria impacts your health in numerous ways. Also, the right kind of carbs helps you to stay regular.

So, here’s the deal, take a good look at your plate. Are you chomping only on leafy greens and protein? Well, time to change your dietary plan, bring them (carbs) back. The healthiest countries around the world say Japan cannot do without their white rice! There you go, this is the secret for their fitness and long life!

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