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Biggest Fitness Fads That Flopped

Many Americans are willing to spend money on any products which promise to make them skinny. We are spending in excess of $30 billion every year on weight loss products many of which are promoted by late-night commercials. These products are not coming from reputed companies but from companies that are trying to make a quick buck by cashing in on the infatuation Americans have for products like these.

The products being discussed cannot be identified as credible and were only introduced to make Americans spend their hard-earned dollars on their desire to get fit. Whether people achieved anything by using these products is questionable but these products have been listed as the greatest fitness flops the last few decades. Reading this discussion will give you an idea of why and how you can avoid getting duped.

Let Us Now Look At Some of the Biggest Fitness Fads Which Flopped.

Vibrating Platforms

Vibrating Platforms Cannot Make Couch Potatoes Slimmer Or Stronger

Can couch potatoes shake themselves slimmer, healthier or stronger? We certainly don’t believe they have the capacity to do so. If vibrating platforms could give couch potatoes a better appearance, public transportation would definitely do a better job. Vibrating platforms have cost Americans thousands of dollars and some even confirmed they felt better after getting off the shaky platform. However, the question still remains about whether devices like these can provide better results than conditioning methods of other types.

Sauna Suits

Sauna suits had the appearance of trash bags but were made by the manufacturers with the sole intention of making people sweat out several pounds during every session. The biggest problem was that there was nothing safe about the suits. Users were prone to heat strokes, muscle cramps, and fainting. Moreover, the pounds lost were gained back immediately after the users began eating or drinking.

8 Minute Abs

If you could get abs in eight minutes you can certainly achieve a six pack in six. Introduced in the 80s, the eight-minute abs were just a craze. Manufacturers were promoting one of the biggest fitness fads which flopped because if you need a washboard stomach you also need to go for full-body conditioning which includes strength training, cardio and a healthy diet because you cannot get eight-minute arms and thighs as seen on TV simply by purchasing this product.

Exercise In A Bottle

Exercise in a bottle claimed to support metabolism and was promoted by a company identified as Enforma in 2000. The company also had other weight loss miracle drugs but the products did nothing but take away the hard-earned money of Americans. The federal trade commission was just as disappointed as Americans and penalized Enforma to the tune of $10 million as consumer redress.

Toning Shoes

Can Toning Shoes Help to Improve Muscle Strength And Tone?

Do you believe toning shoes can help you exercise more intensely, burn more calories and improve muscle strength and tone? If so, you are probably living on another planet. You may be tired of walking around in the best shoes available in the market and the curved soles of the toning shoes were nothing better than a fashion statement. Major manufacturers like Reebok were also selling toning shoes by getting Kim Kardashian to endorse them but in the end, they just doubled up for another pair of shoes without providing any help to the users to feel better.

Vibration Belts

Electronic Muscle Stimulation Isn’t Enough to melt Abdominal Fat

Vibration Belts are still popular on the late night commercials where they are receiving attention from Weight Watchers. The federal trade commission is, however, not convinced that electronic muscle stimulation is an effective method of melting abdominal fat but the product still continues to captivate audiences and obviously generates the sales they need.

Dumbbell Utensils

These heavyweight dumbbell utensils weighed in at 1.5 pounds for just a knife and a fork. The creator of this laughable invention was frustrated with diets and therefore came up with an idea to make it difficult for food to reach the mouth. Did it work? It made every bite a little harder but never stopped people from eating what they liked.

Stop Getting Scammed By The Biggest Fitness Fads Which Flopped

If a product is boasting of secret formulas and magic uniforms, making claims which cannot be substantiated, you are better off ignoring the claims. Don’t waste your money on another product because the freshly introduced magic weight loss pill is just too good to be true.

Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day And Achieving Fitness Is Something Similar

Remember, you cannot lose weight in three minutes. If you believe it is possible you may as well believe “Rome was built in a day.” If you want results that can be sustained over a period of time you must begin getting into cardio, strength training and have a healthy diet.

Celebrity endorsements can be purchased by any promoter that is willing to spend millions and therefore you are advised to be wary of them. Do not get attracted by celebrity endorsements because, in all probability, the celebrities are using other methods to keep themselves healthy and fit.

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