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Chefs and Food Bloggers Swear By Food Swaps That Can Change Your Life

For some people, it can be extremely difficult to actually live a healthy lifestyle. One of the major reasons is that people normally find comfort when it comes to food. They get stressed with work, family, friends, and other things and they most of the time think that they actually deserve to have something good. What people normally think of as good food are those you could get from fast food joints, because they are indeed good since they are designed to be that way. According to experts, the answer as to why it is so difficult to eat healthy is actually very simple and very complicated at the same time.

Out taste buds are said to be designed to actually crave for high-calorie as well as high-fat foods because this is what is needed by the body to regain energy for hunting, gathering, as well as exploring, which is basically for survival, but that is before mankind has actually created foods that could taste better than nature’s, which is why more people are choosing delicious double cheeseburgers compared to a salad, and it is way cheaper as well. In a 2010 study published in Nature Neuroscience, they experimented on rats where they fed them fast food multiple times a day, scientists found that the rats’ brain chemistry totally changed, but not for the better. The rats immediately became obese and they lost their ability to determine whether they are hungry or not and they refused to eat healthy foods that were served to them, this is because they also found that food can be as addictive as drugs.


According to food psychologist, Marcia Pelchat, addiction to foods can actually go both ways, which is a good news of course since you can always simply start to change your taste and become to healthier foods instead. She even tested this one out herself and tried to consume low-fat, vanilla-flavored drink every single day for two week. She consumed them so often that she actually tasted its chalky tester, but then she started craving for it more and more. Which is why she believes that when a person actually tries to eat vegetables really often, they would get used to it even if they really taste not so good. The more you eat them, the more you’ll actually start to enjoy them. Pelchat also said that it is very important to actually try to learn and create new habits but almost every habit takes time so patience is definitely needed to achieve better results. Gradual and small changes are what usually works best, you don’t necessarily need to stop eating every unhealthy foods that you love because this is not healthy for your body and your brain. Which is why simple food swapping is one of the most ideal ways to do this.


Author Audrey Johns swears by swapping water instead of any other carbonated drinks

Food swapping is actually one of the best ways to switch to a healthier lifestyle, especially if you’re actually trying to lose weight. Here are some chefs and food bloggers who have tried them and shared their wonderful experiences that totally changes their lives.

Health book author, Audrey Johns swears by swapping water instead of any other carbonated drinks. Johns said that when her daughter turned 1, she told herself that she would try to live a healthier lifestyle to become a good example for her, and so she did. The very first thing that she did is to ditch drinks that contain too much fake sugar and other preservatives. “I was the person always holding a Big Gulp, now I drink water all day long. At 37, I actually look younger than I’ve ever looked before,” the Lose Weight by Eating author also said that it helps her fill up before meals and that cold water can actually satisfy her instead of snacking.

Swapping is also what the Food Network stars Gina Neely believes in. She said that one of her secrets to living healthier and losing weight is that she swapped fish and poultry to pork and steak. “Normally with my favorite vegetable, collared greens, I’d cook pork became pork has a great flavor, but then I started smoking my turkey wings and I got the same smokiness,” she explained. Neely lost 20 pounds in just a few months and she even said that she used to love bacon but it’s not craving for it anymore.

The blogger behind Carrots n Cake, Tina Haupert revealed that to be able to get fit for her wedding, she swapped sweet potato instead of bread. “I was eating a lot of English muffins, bread, and toast, but when it at something colorful first thing in the morning, it helps me stay on track,” said Haupert.

Surely there are a lot of amazing food swap ideas out there that will be suitable for you. Keep in mind that you wouldn’t know how good this could really be for you, if you’re not going to start it now.

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