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How to Create a Realistic Weight-Loss Routine

Everyone knows how important it is to mind your weight and total fitness. However, most of us find it hard to achieve. If you too are struggling with trying to lose some extra weight, we have just the thing for you! This article will help you create an easy-to-learn yet highly effective weight loss routine.

It doesn’t contain half-baked information which most readers have seen a thousand times over the internet. The fitness routine outlined below is one which is tested and trusted. It’s been used by renowned fitness trainers and has helped shape Olympic athletes and Victoria Secret models into the famous fitness icons they are today. But don’t be intimidated! Anyone can follow these practical principles.

Get at Least 8 Hours of Sleep Each Day

Now, your first question might be, “how is sleeping going to help me get into shape?” Well, the answer is quite simple. The less a person sleeps, the lower the individual’s insulin level becomes. Also, the less sleep a person gets, the more stressed out the body becomes. When you are overly stressed out, your willpower becomes weaker and hanging on to any weight loss routine becomes way harder. While you probably know that it is highly recommended to give your body eight hours of sleep every day, we have a surprise for you. Science has shown that the human body functions better when you split your slumber into four-hour intervals, rather than one eight-hour sleep!

Get a Wearable Fitness Tech 

To follow through with the perfect weight loss routine, you will need a way to monitor your progress. Nothing does this better than a wearable tech-piece designed for this specific purpose. But this purchase will help in more than one way; in addition to helping you keep an eye on your exercise goals, it is proven that investing in a piece of fitness gear makes you more committed to following through on your weight loss plan.

Start Small, Then work Your Way Up to the Top

We all want fast results. However, it’s vital to accept the fact that creating a long-lasting shift in your weight and habits takes time, and has to be gradual. You should start with something small, like say, taking 3,000 steps per day. Remember that the key is consistency, not pushing yourself to the limit. If you do this every day, your insulin sensitivity will gradually become better. This helps your body to better dispose of excess glucose, which, in turn, will result in weight-loss. In time, you can begin to step things up, bit by bit. By giving yourself time, you’ll discover that handling your routine becomes more natural. Remember the goal is to create habits you’ll be able to stick to for years.

How to Step Things Up Effectively 

The key is not just to increase the number of steps or duration of exercise you take every day. The first step you have to make is building up your overall resistance. This will also help your body gain equilibrium in terms of muscle density ratio. One way you can do this is by lifting weights. As mentioned above, the key is to start small, then grow big. The next step is adopting the use of interval training. It could be jogging for the first 5 minutes at 5mph then 30 seconds at 8mph. This is then followed by a recovery period of 2 minutes at 3mph before speeding up again. Interval training is known to be very efficient due to Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). This phenomenon helps to keep a person’s metabolism elevated longer than what they’ll typically experience during regular training.

Eat What Your Body NEEDS

It’s less about the calories and more about the type of food you consume. People seeking to lose weight should make it their daily routine to avoid carbohydrates; feasting mainly on proteins and foods with healthy fats. This type of diet makes your body use it’s stored fat instead of glycogen …you can guess what will happen next!



In conclusion, the right weight loss routine can’t be too demanding, or you will abandon it quickly. It’s not easy to start, but if you take small steps in the right direction, you will be able to get through with it. Many people have used these steps, and hopefully, you can be the next person to achieve your weight-loss goals by following them!

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