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Should You Eat Duck Eggs Instead Of Chicken Eggs?

Eggs are a rich source of protein in the human body, and we, humans, have been consuming them for thousands of years. Due to an affordable protein source, chicken eggs are the most consumed eggs globally. But duck eggs have been gaining popularity in recent years.

Consist of high nutritional values, duck eggs can be a great alternate source of protein in everyday life. Though duck eggs are still far from being a staple food in your dietary habits, different pros, and cons are out there, choosing it over regular chicken eggs.

How Does it Taste?

Duck eggs have their unique taste and flavor. And it could spice up your boring breakfast routine. It has a strong scent and flavor that few might not prefer to eat. But the rich flavor that duck eggs offer is unique in every sense. Usually, a duck egg is larger than a regular chicken egg. Hence, the egg yolk tends to appear larger and more luscious. The thick creamier surface compared to chicken egg yolks makes it more intense in taste.

Duck Eggs vs Chicken Eggs

There are many misconceptions around duck eggs, and one of them is that they are not safe for human consumption. But this is not entirely true. Duck eggs do have their pros and cons, but they are as safe as chicken eggs when eating.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), duck eggs match all the required standards and regulations to become a safe poultry item to consume. Duck eggs are typically larger than chicken eggs, and the yolks are larger in proportion to the egg white as well. The nutritional values and calories are higher per gram than chicken eggs.

Nutritional Comparison and Pros of Choosing It over Chicken Eggs

Rich in nutritional values, especially vitamins and minerals, both duck and chicken eggs are excellent protein intake choices. However, duck eggs tend to have more calories and protein nutrients than chicken eggs. Let’s discuss this in detail.

A duck egg is like a jumbo chicken egg in size. So eating a duck is similar to eating two chicken eggs. Vitamins like folate, B12, and iron are there in a higher proportion than chicken eggs. Vitamin B12 is the key to build red blood cells and DNA in your body.

Hence, consuming duck eggs could be beneficial to develop the essential vitamin B12 in the human body. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, duck eggs will beat chicken eggs any day if you want to include fatty acids in your diet. Therefore, depending on what your diet goals are, choose between duck eggs and chicken eggs.

While duck eggs have a few essential proteins in higher proportion than chicken eggs, some proteins like lysozyme, ovalbumin are there in chicken eggs higher than duck eggs. Pastries made of duck eggs tend to have a better structure inside than those made with chicken eggs. This is mostly because duck eggs have more egg whites inside than regular chicken eggs. Albumen or egg white gives your baked items a higher lift. And it is important to have a fluffy structure in your baked foods when you bring them out of the oven.

Potential Downsides

However, it doesn’t mean that duck eggs are all good. Choosing duck eggs over chicken eggs has a few downsides too. People on a low-fat diet should avoid it, as the higher amount of fat duck eggs might be dangerous for them. Due to the larger fat content, it’s hard to substitute duck eggs for chicken eggs while baking.

Another con of the duck egg is that, it has higher cholesterol levels than a chicken egg. The 619 milligrams of cholesterol that duck eggs consist of are surely not recommended for high cholesterol complications. This is due to its larger size and more fat contents. Besides, the duck egg has more calories than chicken eggs.

Despite its presence in Asian cuisines, duck egg is still a not-so-popular item in western dietary habits. Because of its higher calorie, cholesterol, and fats, many people tend to avoid duck eggs while the intense flavor and unique taste they offer is still a good choice. Rich in protein and nutrients, duck eggs could be a great supplement to a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

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