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Experts Link Mouthwash To Risks Of Having Diabetes

The mouth and the teeth are like one of the most significant parts of the body, we basically use our mouths to eat and to talk, which why it is always best to make sure that we take care of our oral health, that is why we are encouraged to get ourselves checked by our dentists once or twice a year. Aside from that, brushing your teeth two to three times a day will be such an exceptional help with the oral health care and flossing of course.

However, it is the mouthwash that is the secret to a fresher breath and everyone wants to have fresh and cool breath at all times, it is not just for the oral health, but for the social health as well. No one would want to talk to you or kiss you if your breath stinks, then again, it seems like mouthwash contributes something else to the body besides giving the mouth a fresher breath and in a not so good way too


People believe that you can get diabetes if some of your family has it and it could be prevented by living an extremely healthy lifestyle and strict diet. Then again, there is a new study that is now raising questions on the regular usage of mouthwash since it has been discovered that it could actually increase the chances of a person developing type 2 diabetes. This study was actually published in the Nitric Oxide journal and the researchers have found that people who use mouthwash two to three items a day are at risk of developing diabetes by 55% compared to those who don’t use mouthwash or those who use it less frequently. It was also discovered that 30 percent of those who use mouthwash twice a day, actually developed prediabetes or diabetes.

People basically see mouthwash as a go-to tool that they use after brushing their teeth because it actually contains certain compounds which could kill bad oral bacteria, that is the reason for bad breath and the development of plaque. However, mouthwash also removes the good bacteria in the mouth, and if the good bacteria is gone, it would change the overall oral flora that would alter the metabolism of the blood sugar in the human body that could definitely lead to diabetes. When it comes to regulating the insulin levels of the body, Nitric oxide is the one that plays the most important role since it has a large effect on the metabolic rates as well as the energy level.


This is of course only a research so it doesn’t necessarily mean that mouthwashes will be pulled out of grocery stores or drugstores, it just means that we should all take precautions. According to Dr. William T. Cefalu, a chief scientific and mission officer as well as a diabetic expert for the American Diabetes Association believe that the study that was recently conducted is indeed very interesting but the data that was gathered have inconsistencies and the relationship between the risks of diabetes as well as the frequent use of mouthwash do not seem plausible. Cefalu also added that the study didn’t actually demonstrate how the mouthwash could cause that much harm when it comes to risks of diabetes in long-term daily use. He also said that mouthwash should be the least of people’s worries since the main thing that they should focus on if they don’t want to be at risk is to basically live a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, proper diet, and of course enough sleep and good oral hygiene. A regular checkup is, of course, one of the best options to keep track of your health and make sure that you are perfectly well.

University of Puerto Rico’s Center for Clinical Research and Health Promotion director Kaumudi Joshipura said that it is often advertised that mouthwash actually kills germs and bacteria, which can be a bad thing since it also kills the Nitric oxide. So basically, too much usage of mouthwash do not just kill the bad bacteria in the mouth but also the good ones that the body actually needs. It basically gets rid of certain bacteria that are helpful to the body.

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