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Experts Warn People About Homeopathy Drugs and Treatment

Thousands of people die every single day all over the world, some of them because of accidents, some because of violence, but more than 50 percent actually die from certain illnesses that don’t really have a cure. Which is why people nowadays are taking matters into their own hands since scientists and other medical experts can’t seem to find a cure for various illnesses. Some people just try to live a healthy lifestyle which is, of course, the best possible way to live, but then again it is usually not good enough. Which is why more and more people are going into homeopathy. In the 2012 National Health Interview Survey or the NHIS, there is about an estimate of 5 million adults and 1 million children used homeopathy. In that same survey, it was reported that despite using homeopathy in about 1.8 percent of children only 0.2 percent of them actually when to a homeopathy practitioner.


Most people know homeopathy as a medical practice or some sort of way to get better since it is considered an alternative medicine. It is a medical system that was developed about 200 years ago in Germany, although there is not much evidence that homeopathy treatment is actually an effective treatment for any illness, people are still willing to give it a shot even if not every medical expert believes that this is actually good for the body. It was during the 18th century when the homeopathy was developed, and supporters actually believe in two unconventional theories: the first one is the “like cures like” – wherein the disease can be cured by a particular substance that could actually produce similar symptoms that can be found in those who does not have the disease; the second one is the “law of minimum dose” – wherein it is believed that the lower the dose of the medication the person will take, the more effective it will be. These remedies are actually from plants, herbs, minerals, and even animals that are usually formulated as sugar pellets that are normally placed under the person’s tongue, although it can also be in the form of gels, creams, and even tablets,

There are times that people would assume that there are homeopathic remedies that are actually diluted and are unlikely to cause any sort of harm, but what they don’t know is that there are some homeopathic products that actually contain substantial amounts of active ingredients that may actually cause severe harmful side effects to the body. Although some homeopathic remedies are regulated by the FDA or the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, these products do not necessarily evaluate the remedies when it comes to effectiveness and safety.

About an estimate of 5 million adults and 1 million children used homeopathy


The major reason why people get themselves checked by a medical expert is for them to be able to know what is going on with their body, what are the things the things that they need to do and most especially what are the things that they need to take to be able to get better. So nothing is worse than finding out that your doctor actually believes in things that actually defy science such as homeopathy. If you actually research about it on the internet, it would say things such as homeopathy being able to cure a common cold, asthma, and even cancer, however, there is no scientific evidence to actually prove it.

A study conducted by Swiss Medical Weekly actually raised questions as to why there are actually medical professionals out there who prescribes homeopathy despotism having scientific training that actually made them experts in the first place. According to the author of the study, Stefan Markun of the University of Zurich, the educational efforts that were made to be able to address all the pieces of evidence of the basis of homeopathy, must also include the ethical dilemmas with all the placebo interventions. Homeopathy is really common in Switzerland and the survey that they actually conducted resulted in 50 percent of medical experts prescribe homeopathy with the intention of actually treating a patient’s illness, but the others are unsure.

It was revealed that doctors who prescribe homeopathy only do so when symptoms are unclear and are vague especially after failing conventional treatments, but all of them agreed that this treatment actually generates a placebo effect.

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