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Five Ways to Make Your Easter Healthy and Happy!

Easter is indeed a season that promises everything from yummy sweet treats to more yummy sweet treats! The basket full of goodies baskets consists of the most delicious sugary chocolate eggs ever. Well, eating sugar bunnies for breakfast, lunch, and dinner may turn out to be difficult for the health-conscious. However, one must consider a balanced approach to it. Indulging once in a while should be okay.

The point is we should know exactly where to draw the line. The point is one medium-sized bunny, say 150 grams contain almost half of the recommended value of sugar. So, how should you take your cake and eat it too, without harming your health in any way? Well, here are exactly the few ways that you can balance, candy dishes, baskets, and stuffed-till-you-cannot eat any more kind of meals.

Make Your Basket Healthy

Easter is one of the biggest candy-giving holidays ever, right next to Halloween. When you fill-up your kid’s baskets, include non-candy items, healthy options like crackers or granola bars. You can fill up our baskets with regular necessities such as socks and underwear, which the children can use.

The regular humdrum stuff may turn out to be an enormous cause of disappointment. Cut the boredom out and include things that can turn out interesting such as a movie ticket or a marshmallow packet. So, a little bit of candy is okay. But it shouldn’t be the primary focus of your baskets. Enjoy and indulge in sweets but make sure to do that in moderation.

Include Healthy Fats and Proteins

As you share your meal with your family or friends, you may indulge in a whole of carbs. However, make a conscious decision to include healthy fats and proteins in your diet. This way, you will feel full and won’t indulge in carbs quite so much. You need to focus on quality meat such as Easter ham.

This will stop you from snacking on colored eggs. Pick your fat source as grass-fed organic butter or a handful of nuts and avocado. Fats and proteins are so filling that you may stop yourself from eating many dinner rolls. Another great way to balance your carbs is loading up on veggies, cooked or in salad form.

Don’t Overindulge

Also, eat a few pieces of sweet or a few pieces of candy so that you won’t get too obsessed with sweets. Also, it’s always good to remember the reason you are celebrating. And it is always good to eat in a relaxed state of manner. This will stop you from overindulging.

Eating too fast may often mean eating too many calories all too soon. So, if you are craving a piece of chocolate, eat that, but always try to eat mindfully. Eat without distraction and give eating the respect it deserves.

Begin Your Day Right

Breakfast done right will always mean you will start the day right. You cannot always control what you eat later in the day, during your lunchtime or dinner, but you can always control exactly what you put on the plate at breakfast. Get a protein shake in, try a smoothie or scrambled eggs. Breakfast of the champions to help you stay full and not mess up your diet completely, also. It always helps when you get your nutrients first thing in the morning.

Stay Hydrated

Drink more water, period. We often tend to ignore or rather our thirst cues with our hunger cues and start eating instead of drinking an extra glass of water. Find regular water too boring, add some citrus fruits in your water, and jazz up your drink with a lemony zing, and you won’t find the plain old water quite so plain old water.

Stay Active Throughout the Day

Also, easter breaks may mean sitting it out or lazing around, right? No, don’t do that move around more. Even if you have got your workout done and dusted within the morning, you should be on the move throughout the day. Visit a park, talk on the phone while walking. Just enjoy the fresh air and move those muscles. There are several weekend family activities that you could try. So, here some regular things that you could try to beat the holiday bulge! Indulge, yes, but don’t forget your workout. And we are sure your Easter would turn out to be a healthy one!

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