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Foods To Eat During the Summer

This may seem like advice on the foods to have during the summer, but eating is almost the same in any weather. You need to have plenty of salads, drink lots of water, and keep away from hot foods. Registered dietitians from major institutions recommend this type of diet during the summer as well.

Summer is the time when temperatures are hot, and the kitchen is likely to be hot as well. The cooktops and ovens can spread heat from the kitchen throughout the house, which will not only make your home uncomfortable but will also increase energy bills. Therefore, it is necessary to do things differently during the summer and perhaps use the outdoor grill and toaster to reduce the buildup of heat inside the house. Since you still need to eat, we are giving you some advice about the foods you should have during summer.

“Follow your dreams, work hard, practice and persevere. Make sure you eat a variety of foods, get plenty of exercises and maintain a healthy lifestyle.” — Sasha Cohen

 Why Summer Foods?

As mentioned earlier you need to do things differently in the summer. You can decide to have some iced coffee in the morning. Alternatively, you can also have a slushy breakfast smoothie. Oatmeal that has been refrigerated overnight is also great after a morning walk. Before preparing a smoothie, you are advised to put all items on the counter before blending them because if you are unable to eat the items on the counter, you are unlikely to have them when they are blended. You can have a grilled meal in the evening,  but be careful not to char the foods.

 Fluid Consumption Is Essential During the Summer

Having a lot of fluids will be helpful during the summer to be hydrated throughout.  You may prefer coffee to water, but coffee contains caffeine despite its ability to hydrate you. Water is perhaps the best beverage you should choose without giving in to sugary drinks. Remember to avoid calorie-laden beverages.

Fluid recommendations differ according to gender, size, diet, and the individual’s activity levels. However, a typical range for every person should be in the region of 8 to 12 cups per day. You can easily ascertain whether you are adequately hydrated by looking at the color of your urine, which would be pale yellow.

 Spicy Foods

Spicy foods can make you sweat, and we often hear comments about not having spicy foods during the summer because they can make you uncomfortable. What people do not realize that the body’s evaporative cooling system works better when one consumes spicy foods. Moreover, spicy foods have antimicrobial properties, so they are helpful to the body. Spicy foods can protect us from foodborne pathogens, particularly foods that are extremely spicy.

 What’s the Bottom Line For the Foods You Should Have During the Summer

You can have any food you like during the summer so long as it gives you with nutrients but control the portion sizes. You don’t have to make any changes to your eating patterns. Since you also want to keep the heat away from home, you should try such alternatives as microwaving foods, grilling, or using a crockpot. For instance, you can have grilled chicken or an entrée salad using beautiful in-season vegetables, which will give you plenty of enjoyment and the nutrition you need.

“Clean, tasty, real foods do not come processed in boxes or bags; they come from the earth, the sea, the field, or the farm.”Suzanne Somers

You need to be careful when purchasing food at an event or a food stand because the food may have been left out in the heat for quite some time. At home, you can cover and refrigerate the foods within two hours after serving. You must also make it a point always to rinse any product you purchase in running water to remove any impurities.

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