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Foods That Provide Ample Nutrition and Aid In Weight Loss at the Same Time

For almost all people, being healthy is a top goal and an utmost priority. Add to that weight loss. In order to achieve the above-mentioned goals, it is vital to make changes to one’s lifestyle.

An area in peoples’ lives that can have a significant impact on their health and weight loss efforts is diet and nutrition. There are foods which are not only of high nutritional value but also aid in losing weight. Some of these are:



A vegetable often abhorred by kids and even adults for its supposedly “unpleasant” taste, broccoli is actually a powerhouse when it comes to nutrients. Not only does it have cancer-fighting components, it is also worth consuming because of its high fiber content. As most health-conscious people would know, fiber (both the soluble and insoluble kind) is an essential part of weight loss. Just a single cup of broccoli is enough to supply 16 grams of fiber to one’s daily diet plan.


Nuts have long been considered as a “villain” when it comes to weight loss. This, however, is not true. Their reputation of being “calorie bombs” stems from the tendency of people to eat them in huge amounts. However, when eaten in reasonable portion, nuts such as peanuts, almonds, pistachio nuts, etc. can be of benefit to someone who is trying to lose weight because of their healthy fat content that aids in keeping hunger at bay.


Craving for the crunch of chips and other unhealthy junk foods? How about snacking on celery instead? With its considerable water and fiber content, it will surely satiate almost every unhealthy craving. An added bonus of celery is its low caloric content. At only 14 calories a cup, celery is definitely a great addition to any dieter’s food arsenal.



Do you want to bump up your protein intake yet want to avoid consuming too much meat? Look no further than the humble mushroom. An often overlooked ingredient in dishes, this unassuming food is actually full of amazing benefits. Some of them include blood regulating properties which may help in diabetes prevention and balancing hormones. Some studies have also shown that mushrooms can help a person to maintain their stamina, helping them to endure longer workout sessions.

Sweet Potatoes

Like the various kinds of nuts, sweet potatoes have been unfairly regarded as the “bad guy” in weight loss due to its high carbohydrate composition. However, research has shown that it can be a good source of insoluble fiber. This kind of fiber functions to make a person feel full for extended periods of time, thus helping to avoid overeating. At only 114 grams per piece, sweet potatoes are definitely worth adding to the nutrition of someone who’s trying to lose weight. Just mind what you are putting on it, though. Instead of having high-fat toppings, opt for healthier ones.


Eggs have taken a rap for being high in cholesterol and fat which are believed to jeopardize weight loss efforts. Thus, some people limit their consumption of it or even avoid it altogether. This shouldn’t be the case. When taken in proper portions, eggs are actually a great source of protein. As numerous studies have revealed, a meal high in protein may be a catalyst to weight loss. The reason? A high-protein meal satisfies a person faster and also regulates ghrelin and leptin – hormones which are responsible for curbing hunger and making one feel fuller. Eating eggs as part of breakfast is proven to help hold hunger until it is time for lunch.



Once shunned because of their naturally elevated sugar content, fruits are being hailed as nutritious foods that are also beneficial to weight loss. Craving for desserts and sweet treats? Satisfy that by munching on a fruit. Aside from meeting your need for “something sweet,” you will also be getting fiber and antioxidants as an added bonus.

Losing weight while maintaining a healthy lifestyle is never going to be easy. It involves discipline and hard work. Good nutrition will always be one of the key components of shedding or keeping the weight off and maintaining a healthy body. Armed with the knowledge of which foods are nutritious and helps achieve weight loss at the same time will surely give a person the needed edge to achieve his body goals.

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