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Four Easy Ways to Lose Weight the Healthy Way!

Losing weight is a tough battle, and in a life where we do not have ample time to workout or follow complicated diet patterns, here are a few easy ways to lose weight healthily.

Have a Filling Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While this sounds cliche, most people tend to skip it in an attempt to lose weight. However, did you know that you gain more pounds by skipping breakfast than you lose? The logic is simple. After an eight to ten-hour-long fast after your dinner, your body needs calories to function effectively. When you skip breakfast, your body does not have the calories to give you the energy you need to keep going. Thus, it makes you feel lethargic, drawn more towards high sugar foods, and even leads to binge eating at lunch.

All of these are the perfect recipe for disaster. Instead, what you should do is, start your day with a healthy and filling meal. Studies suggest that a nutrition-rich breakfast helps lose weight. The logic behind this is simple. When you have a filling breakfast, you’re most likely to cut down on the additional calories of junk food with coffee or before your lunch. The portions of food you take during lunch also come down considerably. A few cases show that people tend to have a late lunch when they have a heavy breakfast. It thus eliminates the need to snack between meals. And then, you might have an early dinner, which digests before you hit the sack and thus helps you prevent that tummy fat.

Give up on Diet Soda

While consuming diet soda might be like the right thing to do while you’re on a diet or trying to lose weight, studies suggest otherwise. Experts believe that you would do your body better by consuming sugary drinks than soda in any form. A study suggests that artificially-sweetened beverages are more harmful than sugary drinks.

The study found that beverages with artificial sweeteners have 26% of causing death, while the sugary drinks stand at 8%. Yes, both of them are harmful to your body. But if you need to choose one, it is always best to go with the least harmful choice. You could instead switch it with water or fresh juice to wash your meals down. That’s a great and healthy alternative to all those high-calorie beverages.

It’s Quality Over Quantity

Pick high nutrient foods over low-calorie junk food. While you’re on a diet, remember that it is quality over quantity. Grab foods that give your body the nutrients it needs rather than giving in to your cravings. Talking to your dietician will help you chalk out a customized diet plan that is full of nutrients that suit your body’s needs. This will help you take the first baby steps in the direction of eating right and building health.

Make sure you avoid eating out as much as possible. You are most likely to over-order food and consume more portions of it than your body needs. Instead, plan the meals of your day and keep snacking on healthy nutrient-rich foods all day long. You will not feel hungry, reduce calories, and lose weight.

Have Multiple Small Meals

Plan your meals better. Instead of having three heavy meals a day, you could have a heavy breakfast and follow up with multiple tiny portions of meals. To avoid feeling hungry, you could drink a huge glass of water just before your mealtime and have a bowl of soup. With these filling in your stomach, you’re going to have very little room to add more calories to your body. You could also replace the evening snack with a healthy fruit or a salad.

To help you in the process, you can also replace your cutlery and get the ones that suit your tiny meal portions. And unlike the popular myth, smaller portions do not mean having tiny meals. It is all about scheduling your calorie intake through your waking hours so that your body continues to get the nutrition it needs without adding excess calories. Adding a lot of fruits and vegetables to your diet is one great way to make you feel fuller.


Make sure to chew your food and relish every bite of it. Research shows that people who eat faster tend to eat more and thereby gain weight. So, if you are eating at home, you could play your favorite movie or TV show and have a relaxed meal that goes for a longer time. When you eat slowly, you bite and chew every piece of food. This makes you feel full rather than when you swallow and wash it down with a drink.

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