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You Should Never Eat These Foods If You Care About Your Health

Everybody knows that there is a lot of different foods that are simply not good for our health. Still, they continue to consume them, probably believing that it is not anything serious. If you are among those people, please take a look at this list and revise your attitude.

This list will not include all the possible foods that are dangerous for you, but we will try to include the most common ones.

 Microwave popcorn

We all know that popcorn is basically just corn that has been heated. So, what can possibly be harmful in getting the superbly convenient paper bag that you can prepare in minutes, without even dirtying a single dish? Well, it turns out that there is quite a bit of harm.

The main concern one should have about these is the packaging. The insides of the bag are coated with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which is a chemical used on pots and pans to try to give them the non-sticky lining and it is very, very bad. The list of concerns is a very long one. First of all, this acid is carcinogenic, but that is not all! It is toxic to your liver, it can disrupt development, hurt your immune system and even throw your hormones out of synch. We could go on and on about the negative effects of PFOA.

Let’s just leave the bag alone for a bit and focus on the content. One of the common chemicals used to achieve the flavor of butter is diacetyl. This substance is believed to be even more dangerous than PFOA. In fact, it is so toxic that one of the factories had to stop using it as the workers in the factory couldn’t handle the poisoning.


This one is a big surprise! One could guess that eating anything that is prepared in a microwave and filled with butter and artificial ingredients is bad for you, but sprouts? Really? Well, unfortunately, yes! While they are great on paper, there are real reasons to avoid them at all costs. What makes them a less than the perfect choice is the fact that it is way too easy for them to get contaminated. And the type of sprouts does not matter at all. They can be beans, peas or any other kind known to man.

The reason it is so easy for them to get contaminated lies in the fact that by keeping the conditions perfect for the growth of sprouts, one is also creating the perfect environment for the development of dangerous bacteria, including (but not limited to) e.coli, salmonella, and listeria. When you purchase sprouts, you can never really guess how long they have been waiting for you, and these bacteria can develop really fast. As the proof of their danger, you should just keep in mind that contamination of the products is the reason of a lot sprout recalls. This actually happens twice every year.


Now, not all cereals are necessarily bad for you. However, some are really, really bad. Never forget to check the labels of the products you are purchasing, as one of the ingredients that can be found in oats is sulfuryl fluoride. Sulfuryl fluoride is a very toxic gas and is actually commonly used as a fumigant when you are trying to kill out those pesky dry wood termites. This gas is so dangerous that, in large concentrations, it can kill you in moments. There’s this story saying that a robber broke into a house that was being fumigated for termites using this exact gas, and he died after only taking a couple of steps. That is how dangerous it actually is!


Well, this one is obvious and well known. Sodas have been notorious for their incredibly high sugar levels. While sugar in small quantities is not all that bad, they are going way over the top with the amounts. After drinking a single can of the most popular soda out there, you should remember that, with it, you took in 26 teaspoons of sugar. That is insane. With those amounts of sugar, you are increasing your risk of getting diabetes. Just squeeze an orange yourself and enjoy a healthy drink that is actually quite a bit tastier than the chemicals they offer you in those carbonated beverages.

Now that you have this information, do with it what you will. However, at the very least, reconsider the items on your grocery list. Remember, check the labels of anything you buy to avoid possible poisoning.

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