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Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth: Scientists Invented Fourth Type of Chocolate

When we talk about eating sweets, the first thing that comes to our mind is chocolate. In fact, we’ve often correlated sweets with chocolates. It gives us the satisfaction of eating mouth watering chocolates made only with the fine ingredients of cocoa and, sometimes, sugar too. Some of us love to eat rich chocolate, while some prefer to have a mildly bitter taste from eating dark chocolates. Many people also love to eat the pure whiteness of chocolates which look like a variant of milk. That’s why no one can resist the sweetest temptation of chocolates because we can alternate eating its delicious variants if we want to spice up our taste. Well, guess what! Rejoice sweet, chocolate lovers, for the latest chocolate craze is now coming to town. Scientists have formally unveiled their latest sweet creation: a fourth variant of chocolate. Curious to know what is this? Let’s read and find out!

Introducing the Ruby Chocolate as the fourth variant of chocolates

Just few weeks ago, the food industry went into the hype when scientists held an exclusive launch of the fourth chocolate variant at a prestigious Shanghai event on September 5, 2017. The notable feature of this ruby chocolate is that it has a fluffy, pale pink color that looks too adorable for its own good. And before you go ranting about how this chocolate is filled with nothing but artificial colorings and chemicals, we tell you that its pink pigment is entirely natural. How? It’s because Ruby chocolate comes from Ruby cocoa beans, inheriting its natural pink texture as well as fruity with a hint of tangy taste.

Barry Callebaut's Invention of Ruby Chocolate

Barry Callebaut’s Invention of Ruby Chocolate

“This chocolate doesn’t have any berry flavoring or red coloring. It is made from the “Ruby bean,” and “the Ruby bean is unique because the fresh berry-fruitiness and color precursors are naturally present.” – Peter Boone

Apparently, the people behind this new chocolate endeavor craze are the Zurich-based company Barry Callebaut that produces the finest quality of chocolates worldwide. The company literally spent around 13 years just to develop this new sweet treat. We can certainly say that all their hard work had paid off since it became a buzz in the food industry and food manufacturers are starting to order this new sweet creation to include in their treat menu (and you probably won’t have to wait that long to chow down this sweet treat). In fact, the popular Zurich-based company described their latest creation as “an intense sensorial delight,” adding that it’s “a tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness.” according to the press release.

This Discovery is a Breakthrough in the Chocolate Industry

Ruby Chocolate Exclusive Launch At Shanghai Event last September 5, 2017

Ruby Chocolate Exclusive Launch At Shanghai Event last September 5, 2017

We dare to say that this latest chocolate concoction is a breakthrough and huge milestone for the chocolate industry. Why? Because it’s  the first time a new chocolate variant was introduced in 80 years. Furthermore, the composition of this ruby chocolate remains a mystery up to this day (maybe Barry Callebaut isn’t ready to expose their concoctions yet). Unlike dark chocolate where we can easily conclude that it’s made with high percentage of cocoa and low on milk, while white chocolate is the total opposite, and milk chocolate is just in-between, where does Ruby chocolate fall in this spectrum? Or maybe it’s created with a different spectrum at all? Is it really made with only ruby cocoa beans as its sole ingredient? We can only speculate for now.

Initial Distribution of Ruby Chocolates

Just like we’ve said before, the availability of the ruby chocolate will be sooner rather than later. After its successful production, a simultaneous tasting was conducted and validated on various independent global research agencies like Haystack and Ipsos in the UK, US, China, and Japan. After the exclusive launching, the company had distributed the chocolate variant to Chinese food and chocolate manufacturers, especially to those who attended the said event. The response was warm and positive as not only from the Chinese but several chocolate manufacturers around the world are also actively seeking partnership with Barry Callebaut, to make this accessible to the market worldwide. The company estimated that in about six to eighteen months’ time,  this variant will be accessible to the general public and will be available to all consumers.

What do you think about ruby chocolate? Do you think it’ll live up to its hype? We can’t really pass judgment for now. However, one thing is for sure, though, Ruby Chocolate is a must-try for chocolate lovers!

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