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Senna Tea Is Now FDA-Approved: Should You Drink It for Losing Weight?

People suffering from obesity or unexplained weight gain are ready to go the extra mile to shed off those extra pounds. In a rush to lose weight, they often fall prey to the traps of false promises and gimmicks. Senna tea is billed as one of those quick fixes which can aid in weight loss and detoxification. Since Senna happens to be a natural laxative, drinking the tea made from the herb might help you bring your weight down. However, those lost pounds are water weight. Therefore, it might not aid in actual fat loss. To know more in details, continue reading.

Senna Tea – What Is It?

Senna tea is prepared from leaves, fruit, and pods of the Cassia Senna plant. You can either have it alone, or add some turmeric, dandelion, chamomile, and other detoxifying herbs. Aside from it getting incorporated in various types of teas, Senna has FDA or Food and Drug Administration approval. You can now use it in laxatives that are available over the counter. In both medications and tea preparations, Senna is indispensable as a stimulant laxative.

Talking about the effects Senna has on you, it boosts the movement of the muscles present in your intestine. Therefore, the movement of waste through the digestive system into the bowel becomes much easier. Senna is that kind of a laxative that helps you to relieve yourself in the bathroom. If you consume senna tea regularly enables you to attain a lower figure on the weighing scale, aside from solving constipation problems. If you are too reliant on Senna tea for losing weight might not be an excellent idea.

Loss of Water Weight

Drinking senna tea would make you lose water weight mostly. When the food you consume makes its way to your large intestine, a majority of the macronutrients and calories have already absorbed. Hence, what remains is mostly water and, along with it, anything that is not required by your body. Senna is more effective in the large intestine. It boosts waste loss, aside from making you lose fiber, electrolytes, and minerals as well.

When you lose your water weight, you will grow thinner. But, you would hardly cut off fat from your body. As you replenish yourself with more water, that water weight is bound to come back, and consequently, the number on the weighing scale will come back to where it was initially, if not higher. Moreover, when you lose water from your body, you also lose electrolytes. This can result in dehydration, and you might suffer from a lot of complications. If you are having senna tea for weight loss regularly, the risk of getting dehydrated is quite high.

What Are the Other Side Effects?

If you are thinking of drinking Senna tea for longer periods, you might experience bowel problems. Remember, when you are highly dependent on stimulant laxatives to release yourself in the bathroom, you eventually prevent your gastrointestinal muscles from doing its job perfectly on their own.

The body becomes heavily reliant on laxatives, and you are unable to free your bowels without using them in the future. Aside from these, Senna causes diarrhea and abdominal pain too. Long-term consumption of senna tea can cause liver toxicity or damage too. If you are already suffering from bowel obstruction, refrain from having senna tea. If you are under certain medication, do consult your doctor before you start having senna tea daily.

How Effective Is Senna Tea for Weight Loss?

Though senna tea might not be an ideal choice for losing weight, it doesn’t imply that other varieties of tea are not useful in weight loss. According to a few studies, this tea contains polyphenols that bring down the amount of sugar and fat that your body absorbs, boosts fat breakdown, and diminishes the amount of fat that your body stores, thus aiding in weight loss.

Working out regularly and maintaining a healthy diet are key steps to weight loss. Nothing can be a better option. Try exercising from time to time and rejuvenate yourself with nutritious food. But make sure, you talk to your dietician to make sure the Senna Tea agrees with you. The last thing you want is add new ingredients to your nutrition and invite problems in the process.

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