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Seven Foods Your Teeth would Be Thankful for

Oral hygiene is one area that you don’t want to mess with, and for good reasons. After all, you are what you eat, and that truth is even more prominent when it comes to our teeth. Taking lots of sugary foods like soda, candy, and cakes, will cause tooth decay which is a problem no one wants to have. The American Dental Association (ADA) says that when your diet isn’t balanced, your oral health is one of the first areas that would go on a downward spiral. So if you need more good reasons to improve your diet, improving the overall health of your mouth is one. You’ll be surprised to find that with these seven foods, your teeth and your health insurance will thank you.


A lot of people love cheese, and if you happen to be one of them, here’s another reason to fall in love with this protein-rich milk derivative. According to a study published in the Journal of American Academy of General Dentistry, eating cheese actually raises the pH in your mouth, and that lowers the risk of tooth decay. It’s also believed that the chewing needed for munching on cheese increases the in saliva in the mouth, which is good for your teeth. Don’t forget that cheese is also rich in protein and calcium which are some key nutrients for strengthening the enamel.


Sweet foods are a NO-NO according to the ADA; however, exceptions are made for certain fruits, like Apples. Sure, they are sweet, but they also contain lots of water and are high in fiber. Eating apples produce lots of saliva in your mouth, which helps in rinsing food particles and bacteria tucked in hidden spots. Also, the fibrous texture stimulates the gums. You won’t always have your toothbrush with you on the go, so after eating any meal, a few slices of apple can give you that good scrubbing you need to keep your teeth and gum neat and fresh.

Leafy Greens

No matter what ‘healthy’ food you’re talking about, there’s always a position for leafy greens. Can’t blame vegans for going green and eating only plant-based diets. Leafy greens are full of vitamins & minerals, and low in calories. Spinach and kale are some of the most valuable leafy greens for oral health. Rich in calcium, they’ll help build your teeth’s enamel, and the folic acid (vitamin B) contained is known to have several health benefits that include the possible treatment of gum diseases common in pregnant women. Not sure how best to incorporate leafy greens in your diet? How about adding them to your smoothie or throwing a handful of spinach in your salad? Do it for your teeth, they will thank you for it!


The nourishing goodness of yogurt should not be underestimated. Just like cheese, yogurts are protein-rich and contain high amounts of calcium which are great for strength and overall health of your teeth. They also contain beneficial bacteria or ‘probiotics’ which are of immense benefit to your gums as they outnumber and fight harmful bacteria which causes decay and cavities. If you’re going to be making yogurt a part of your diet, be sure to opt for those without sugar.


The edible seeds of the almond tree (Prunus Dulcis) are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They also contain calcium, so your teeth’s enamel is strengthened. They have low sugar and can be incorporated into your lunch or dinner via salads or stir-fried foods. Almonds possess many health benefits, plus their natural sweetness can add great flavor without adding harmful sugar!


carrotsFull of fiber and crunchy too, you can eat carrots alone, even as a healthy dessert. Eating carrots enhance saliva production so you can rinse off those germs hidden at corners trying to cause cavities. Much like apples, the texture of this sweet vegetable also helps keep your teeth clean and healthy.


Although it’s not the favorite of most people due to its bland, watery taste, as well as the strings it gives off, celery is of immense benefit to your teeth. It’s rich in vitamins A and C which come in handy in giving your gums a healthy treat. Also, like apples and carrots, it’s toothbrush on the go, for ridding your teeth of hanging food particles and their accompanying bacteria. If you’re considering adding it your diet but bothered about its taste, you can top it up with cream cheese for a tastier munch.

Finally, if you’re seriously trying to improve your oral health and save some serious cash on medicals, you should watch what you drink. Don’t just eat a lot of celery and leafy greens and turn around to guzzle gallons of soda or juice which have lots of sugar in them. Water should be your favorite option as there is zero sugar in it. It may take some effort, but your teeth will certainly thank you for it.

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