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Sneaky Foods That Are Deemed Healthy When They Are Not! Top Five Foods That Hamper Your Weight Loss Progress

When you are on your weight loss journey the toughest thing to understand is the type of foods that will aid you in reaching your goal, and ones that will hinder your progress. We know there is a lot of conflicting information out there and it gets a little overwhelming. It gets even more confusing when the seemingly healthy food can derail your weight loss goals.

Here are the top five foods that you must be wary of. Although they seem healthy that is just not the case, here’s why.

Fat-Free Yogurt

Many people are now including fat-free yogurt in their diet, hoping that it that will help them cut down on calories. Although diet yogurts may seem good on paper as they are much lower in calories with lower amounts of fat and sugar, they are also more processed and full of artificial ingredients.

Also, since nutrition science is now endorsing healthy and good fats, full-fat yogurt is back in the reckoning. It is more full-filling and comes without any artificial ingredients, stopping you from overconsuming. So, pass on the diet yogurt and embrace the full-fat version of your favorite food.

Green Tea

Green tea is purported to be almost a miracle for fat loss. It does have some health benefits, but it is unlikely to help you in weight loss. You can enjoy a cup every day but it may not help you get rid of fat from your waistline unless you fetch green tea leaves from the mountains! There are studies that green tea can help lower inflammation, but we cannot say that it is directly linked to fat loss.

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are said to be a snack food that is very low in calories. However, they lack any real nutrients and since they are a low-calorie food, they may not be really satisfying to have. It may make you eat lots more than you thought of eating and does not serve the purpose of weight loss.

Diet Soda

If you love your soda then swapping it for the diet soda may not help you. Drinking sodas sweetened with artificial sweeteners may lead to more sugar cravings, weight gain, and gut dysbiosis. So when you are trying to cater your sugar cravings with diet soda, they actually intensify and you end consuming a larger quantity of them, leading to weight gain.

Low-Calorie and Artificially-Sweetened Ice Cream

While we swap our ice creams with their low-calorie substitutes, they are not as healthy as we may believe them to be. They may be low in sugar levels, but they are not better for you as they may be full of artificial ingredients. Also, when you are slurping on a lower-calorie version of ice creams you do not worry about calories and start eating even more.

Skimmed Milk

Ditch your full-fat milk and select a low-fat one to lose weight – an idea you must have heard one too many times. Well, that’s what we heard a good few years back, but things started going worse and the incidence of heart diseases kept on increasing. So the truth be told, it is not too great for weight loss and can also worsen your cholesterol readings.

The world is recognizing the goodness of good fats again. Taking out the fat from the milk and adding a whole lot of artificial ingredients wasn’t doing the milk or your health any good. Sip on a glass of fat-free milk and a glass of full-fat milk and you will understand the difference. Not only is the full-fate form more satiating but it also helps in the assimilation of fat-soluble vitamins and minerals.

Protein Bars

Are you hungry? Then grab a protein bar! Well, that’s what most protein bar companies will advise you. Since they are a grab-and-go snack option, most people trying desperately to lose weight will fall for the protein trap. On the contrary, these harmless and delicious-looking protein bars are actually high in calories, fat, and added sugars – a complete no-no in weight-loss diets. However, not all protein bars are created equal, so choose a bar that is low on fat and sugar, and can satisfy your cravings and hunger pangs naturally.

There you go! The foods that you thought were incredibly healthy were actually not really helpful. Are any of the foods listed here your favorites? Tell us in the comments section below!

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