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Stop Running to the Toilet! Top Foods to Help With Your Diarrhea

“All disease begins with the gut” – Hippocrates

Ever since we’re young, we’ve been taught to eat consciously in order to have a healthy gut. A healthy tummy means a healthy body. Our immune system is boosted to protect us from foreign attacks and ailments we might obtained from the external environment. However, with all the processed foods and unhealthy lifestyle we have, there’s no wonder why we get some nasty gut ailment every once in awhile. And one of those annoying and nasty stomach bug we got is diarrhea. Diarrhea is a condition in which our human waste are discharged from the bowels frequently and in a liquid form. What’s frustrating about diarrhea is that we keep going back to the toilet in almost every hour. It certainly became a nuisance to us especially if we’re trying to work and be productive of the day. How do we remedy this problem? Fret no more as these foods will help you ease your digestive function and stops diarrhea! With these foods, your trip to the toilet will halt in no time!


Whenever we have a diarrhea, the first thing that comes to our mind is to load ourselves up with fiber. However, it turns out we’re only achieving the opposite from what we want. The truth is we need to eat low fiber foods in order to firm up our stool. The key to achieving us is by increasing our potassium intake. And what food is the best source for potassium? Bananas. Bananas can help firm up your stool while replacing all the nutrients that you’ve lost. The Bananas are both low fiber and high in potassium so they’re a great choice to aid your diarrhea.

White Rice

Before you start blabbering about how white rice is not good for you, it’ll make you fat, and all. Take a time to read this one. Apparently, white rice is also a great solution to aid your diarrhea. White rice is a perfect one to eat if you don’t have bananas. You can incorporate it in your meals as it is low in fiber and it’s bland to your intestinal system.


Applesauce is a type of fiber that is mild and easy for your tummy to digest. The pectins help bind stool and the natural sugars give you much needed energy when the body is run down and dehydrated from loss of too much water.


You might think that this isn’t an ideal food to aid your digestion problems, but blueberries also contains nutrients which helps ease your diarrhea. They are a source of soluble fiber pectin and contain anthocyanosides, which contain anti-bacterial qualities. Blueberries are also a great source of antioxidants.

Probiotic Yogurt

Of course, nothing beats the probiotics when it comes to restoring your gut’s health. The probiotics can help replenish your gut bacteria which is responsible to promote healthy digestion. After a bout with diarrhea, keep up with probiotic yogurt to promote good gut health and stave off future bouts. If you are in the middle of a bout now, start out slow. 2 tablespoons to begin with and increase it by a tablespoon each day. Dairy is harder to digest and could worsen the diarrhea if too much is consumed right off the bat.

Mashed White Potatoes

This food is generally low in fiber and easy to digest in your stomach. Moreover, you can add salt in it which aid in restoring your water content. This is a food that you can eat and feel like you are eating normal again.

Steamed Chicken

What’s good about steamed chicken is that it’s bland enough to make it easily digestible. It’s also packed with protein that can help you recover the nutrients you’ve lost. You need to avoid any type of seasonings though as they may trigger your diarrhea again. We only recommend you use salt (which is good for hydration) if you want your chicken to get flavored.

Diarrhea is indeed a troublesome stomach bug and ailment we need to deal with. However, by eating the right and healthy foods you can counter this disease fair and square. Always keep in mind that healthy foods will always be our cure against diseases and sickness.

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