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Surprising Everyday Habits That Contribute to Weight Loss Plateaus

It can be disheartening to see that the number on the weighing scale is not budging no matter how much exercise you do or how hard you try to strictly adhere to your diet. Have you ever wondered what’s sabotaging your weight loss journey?

Melanie McGrice, a dietician, explained that every little thing counts when it comes to healthy eating, but sometimes, it’s not about what you put in your mouth. Little did we know that there are many sneaky culprits at your house that are stalling your weight loss journey.

Big Refrigerator

The bigger the better is an old adage that shouldn’t be applied in losing weight. According to a Cornell study by Brian Wansink, even the size of your refrigerator affects your diet – this may sound far-fetched but it was found that the bigger appliance you have, the more room to store more food.

The more food choices a person sees, the more something could catch his/her attention. Another study backed this claim up: it was observed that of the people who were asked to whip up a meal, those with a big fridge made bigger dishes as compared to those with a smaller refrigerator.


Eating while watching TV or using your phone or tablet only sabotages your weight loss goals because you are not being aware of what or how much food you put into your body. This is why experts have advised the public to always be mindful when munching.

The Creative Exchange/Unsplash — Avoid using gadgets when eating

Focus on the food and savor every bite instead of veering your attention to a screen. Whenever we’re watching TV, we tend to gobble our meals without enjoying them, which only leads to weight gain and indigestion.


Do you notice how you are always inclined to fill up a plate? As such, having a tiny plate instead of a bigger one will more likely help you lose weight.

Tobias/Unsplash — The size of your plate and wine glass matters

The same goes for wine since glasses have become bigger. The capacity of a typical glass 300 years ago was just 65 ml and now, it has become 450 ml.


As much as it sounds unrelated, music does play a role in the type of food you consume. Did you ever wonder why there’s always music playing in restaurants and fast-food chains?

Louis Hansel Shotsoflouis/Unsplash — Music plays an important role in what a person orders

According to a study in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, the louder the music is, the unhealthier our food choices become. This may explain why we can’t resist ordering a triple cheeseburger as the songs of Ariana Grande are on blast.

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