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Three Controversial Weight Loss Tips That Aren’t 100% Effective

Weight loss is certainly one of the most debated topics in our times. Wherever you go, you will find overweight people seemingly lost in the enigma of being fat and not knowing a remedy. How many times have you read about fitness and wellness tricks and thought that these tricks might just work for you? Well, no matter how many times you have paid heed to all those unsolicited advice, you should know what is what. This is because there are thousands of crappy websites on the internet that dole out misinformation based on shallow research. Besides that, there are also unqualified or less qualified nutritionists who often share false information and tips with the patients. Here are some controversial pieces of advice which you might have believed to be true but aren’t exactly effective.

You Can Lose Weight Even If You Do Not Exercise

This is a carefully circulated fitness industry myth that has got some backing from a section of nutritionists. Remember, your choice of food is the main decisive factor for your weight loss and overall wellness. Your regular workout routine would accelerate the process and you can attain better health within a shorter time frame. Therefore, combining diet and exercise is imperative. Also, exercising helps in toning muscles. You cannot actually lose weight if you do not do workouts at all. Whoever told you that you can shed your extra pounds by just following a sedentary lifestyle and having the right food stands totally wrong. You need a combination of both.

You Cannot Get In Shape With Low-Carb Diets

While a few nutritionists are of an opinion that low-carb diets are not that effective, it’s just the opposite. In fact, any sort of diet would work, and low-carb diet is just one of them. If you interview a few people who have been successful in losing weight, you will soon understand that a low-carb diet has no special role to play in weight loss, but it’s not a totally useless diet plan either. It’s just that you have to follow your diet regimen religiously. Almost all of the popular diets that do the rounds on social media, such as the Jennifer Aniston diet, bear fruits, and these diets are followed religiously by fitness freaks and health enthusiasts. If you want to design a low-carb diet plan of your own, do not hesitate to consult a certified nutritionist.

Even Controlled Alcohol Consumption Can Affect Your Fitness

You might have heard this a zillion times that alcohol takes away all the good results of weight loss treatment and rigorous workouts. It is true that you will take less time to get in shape if you stop consuming alcohol. But that does not squarely imply that alcohol nips all the possibilities of weight loss at the buds. Alcohol is, in fact, devoid of calories and if you can’t just help grabbing your favorite beer or wine, do not restrain yourself. Remember that controlled alcohol consumption does not do any harm. However, it goes without saying that heavy alcohol consumption would affect your health and fitness in the worst way. So, drink in moderation!

You Can Actually Lose Extra Pounds By Starving

Many doctors and nutritionists also tell this white lie to their patients that starving helps in weight loss. You will definitely lose weight by cutting back on a few calories and there’s no denying that fact. However, this works for the first few days only as you will fall ill owing to deficiency of vitamins, and at some point, your system will start latching on to every calorie it is allowed. From this point, you will lose very little weight. Bottom line is that starving is not a solution, measured dieting is.

Whenever you come across a new weight loss tip, always try to validate it in respect to factual correctness and accuracy through an expert. There are government-provided resources online which you can trust. Aside from that, you may want to check out authority sites such as Wikipedia to know the real facts. To put it differently, do not trust anything just because it was written by an eminent weight loss or lifestyle blogger. Always have a second opinion before adopting a new fitness strategy or changing your current diet plan.

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