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Top Fat Burning Foods with Thermogenic Effects that can Help you Lose Weight

Foods make you fat, right?! No, it doesn’t, especially if you eat the right foods, and the right ones can even help you lose weight. So, it can help you stay lean even when you are not sweating in the gym. Fat burning or thermogenic foods are the ones to watch out for as it can rev up your metabolism and keep your thyroid in balance.

These foods can help build lean muscle mass, reduce your cravings, and kickstart the weight loss process. Well, would you believe it when we say that it can burn calories even when you chew?

And you do not have to look for super fancy and expensive foods either. They are right there in your pantry. Here are the top ones that can take the fat-burning process a notch higher!

Add avocados to minimize fat

Well, we have been shunning the good fats for the longest time ever, but it looks like we got this nutrition information all wrong. You should eat more of the right kind of fats, read the monosaturated fats to lose the extra fat.

Also, avocados have an impressive nutrition profile as it contains mannoheptulose, a kind of sugar that controls the insulin release, which leads to fat loss. They are low on calories and high on antioxidants. Also, guacamole is love! You could eat something like it and yet lose fat! Win-win?

Sip on green tea

The antioxidant-rich green tea has lower doses of caffeine, and it is high on nutrients that offer a plethora of benefits, such as better brain functioning benefits, greater control over your cravings plus you get a better mood.

Green tea not only burns fat, but it also reduces free radicals in your body and reduces your cancer risk. Three to four cups a day is all you need to help your body into fat-burning mode.

Say yes to lean meats

Adding more lean meats to your diet can help improve the thermogenic effect on the body. It can burn up to thirty percent more calories while digesting the foods than normal meats.

Plus, it offers the all-essential nutrients such as zinc and vitamin B 12. Meats like bison meats contain high amounts of amino acids and Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and it is lower in cholesterol levels and fat than other meats, say, beef.

Eat the egg yolks too

Adding more omega-three foods into your diet can help improve your insulin sensitivity, trimming your abdominal fat. Also, eggs are the perfect source of protein and fats.

Choose the best eggs, farm-raised, cage-free eggs. Go the extra mile to get the best eggs for you. Trust us, it will help you in the long run, and yes, don’t forget to eat the egg yolks. It is the receptacle of powerful nutrients.

Hot peppers burn the extra fat

Red hot chili peppers are versatile foods that pretty much blends well with all your favorite foods. They are rich in vitamins such as A, C, B6, and K, and minerals such as potassium, hot and spicy foods they are, but can they burn fat too? Most definitely!

All thanks to the fat-burning compound called capsaicin, which induces the body to burn more calories.

Try clarified butter or ghee

Clarified butter is one of the surprising foods that makes it to the topmost healthy foods that can help burn the fat. Fats are the key macronutrient that can help burn the extra fat and can provide proper nutrition to the body.

It contains butyric acid, also known as the monosaturated fatty acid that can help lower inflammation. Ghee can improve your digestion prowess and contains a plethora of nutrients such as vitamins A, D, E, and K. When you consume Ghee every day, you can improve your lean body mass, and it helps when this golden elixir tastes so good!

Go for sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are high on the anti-inflammatory quotient. It is also high in dietary fiber too, and it is a concentrated source of vitamin and mineral content. These complex carbohydrates can contain high amounts of vitamins B6 and C and beta-carotene and minerals such as manganese to lower inflammation.

Sweet potatoes also boost the hormone adiponectin, which can help mobilize fat in the body. Since it has a low glycaemic index, it can aid in the fat-burning process.

So eat the right food to lose fat. It is not always a good idea to starve yourself to lose fat. You need to eat just the right amount, get into calorie deficit with fat-burning foods to lose the extra fat.

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