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Here’s Why Calisthenics is the Fitness Regimen You Need

Sometimes, people tend to overlook their physical health when they get caught up in hectic work routines and other things that are time-consuming. After a while, this routine becomes monotonous, causing us to try to include physical activity to pump up our health – but it’s not that easy.

When you embark on the journey toward physical health, you have to invest your time and money into enrolling in a gym. Then, since you’ve already parted with your hard-earned money to sign up for a fitness facility, you must take the time out to go to a gym. However, what if there was a way to get in shape without spending money or time? Well, lucky for you, there is! It is called calisthenics exercises. 

Li/Pexels | These exercises are considered to be great for anyone looking to focus on their strength and lose some unwanted pounds

Get to Know Calisthenics

Calisthenics exercises are those exercises that use your body weight as a form of resistance to engage in complex full-body exercises. So it is technically a mixture of strength training that is coupled with cardiovascular exercise and resistance training. You will be getting the benefit of three different types of exercise in one workout.

So, what are the benefits of Calisthenics?

1. Adjustable Workout For You

The best part about Calisthenics exercises is that their intensity can be managed and increased as per your body’s ability to take on physical activity. While you can use these exercises for high-intensity interval training workouts, you can also use them for low-intensity interval training by simply opting for the simpler variation of exercises like lunges, squats, and burpees.

Jonathan/Pexels | There are numerous trainers and fitness influencers who share the importance of Calisthenics exercises and how they help your body

2. Improved Strength

Have you had those days when you felt like your body is not as strong as it should be? For example, picking up a heavy box and realizing that it is taking a lot of effort for you to do so. With Calisthenics exercises, you can boost your strength because it focuses on more than one muscle group.

Not only that, but Calisthenics exercises also help in building up balance, flexibility, and coordination, which help in reducing the chances of you getting injured and maintaining your balance. Another added benefit is that your joints stay healthy since these exercises help in building muscles that protect your joints.

3. Weight Loss And A Better Posture

Some people have bad posture, which impacts their daily life and gives them the illusion of being shorter or even overweight. In a 2017 study, it was revealed that eight weeks of Calisthenics exercises could significantly improve your posture and BMI. What can be better than losing weight while working to improve your strength?

William/Pexels | Did you know a bad posture can be fixed with the right exercise?

With these amazing benefits, calisthenics exercises should be every fitness enthusiast’s priority.

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